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Castle & Cubby – SEO Case Study

A provider of enriching crafts and furniture for your child’s play space, Castle & Cubby is a cubby house and play-product boutique with an onus on nurturing the development of our children’s developing minds, built on an earnest connection to outdoor play and appreciation for the natural materials that make them.

Approached for the purposes of a holistic SEO brand strategy, SEO Melbourne saw to the optimising of Castle and Cubby’s SEO profile site-wide, advising on page-level content creation, website structure and UX design as a bid for ergonomic use.

Initiated in late April, their site metrics have since recorded healthy improvements across the board, taking on a competitive edge across all select KPI’s targeted for their given marketing goals. Let’s dive deeper into some of the highlights…

Keyword Rankings

As of July 2023, a majority of the select keywords refined for Castle & Cubby’s target segment has witnessed strong increases to Google’s most engaged SERP’s, securing more relevant market share in the figurative search engine shelf space.

Among the 20 targeted keywords chosen in the Castle & Cubby SEO strategy, 9 have secured their positions within the first page of the SERP’s. The most significant of these changes include:

  • ‘kids mud kitchen’ increasing to rank 1, taking the top ranking
  • ‘cubby house furniture’ increasing to rank 1, similarly taking the top spot
  • ‘cubby house’ increasing to rank 4, cementing the site firmly within the top SERPs.


Yearly Seasonality

Taking a retrospective on the state of the Castle & Cubby site between 2022 and 2023, we’re able to see the distinct effect that the implementation of our SEO campaign has had in comparison to its profile without our consultation.

Castle and Cubby - July's Year to Year Seasonality with SEO Agency Melbourne

With regard to raw traffic increases as of July, the site has witnessed significant improvements in pure outreach to potential markets with strong ties to Castle and Cubby’s offered resources.

  • Total organic traffic has seen an end-to-end increase of 126.84%, wholly uplifting traffic garnered by more than double.
  • Among these, new users rose by 134.80%
  • Their sessions, proportionally, have grown by 98.19%, almost doubling from one period to the next.
  • Pageviews between the two periods of time, in addition to this,  have seen a sharp increase by 75.38%


Pageviews Since Campaign Start

SEO Agency Melbourne - Pageviews Since Campaign Start

Total pageviews for the site, comparing the campaign’s entirety to its preceding period, have witnessed sharp differences in incoming traffic in reflection of a more substantive capture of Castle & Cubby’s potential market. In this case:

  • Homepage views have since increased by a sharp 34.52%
  • /cubby-house/, their primary digital asset, increased from 0 organic visitors to the second most visited page in the span of 4 months.


It’s been a promising campaign so far, and we’re excited to see what the future brings – especially for sites like Castle & Cubby, with a great perspective on the products they’re able to offer the world. Reach out to us at SEO Melbourne for your consultation today, and heighten your SEO health today!

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