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Since the inception of this SEO campaign we have increased organic search traffic by 729 percent. Learn more.

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Increased organic search traffic by 729% and organic conversions markedly.

Since the inception of this SEO campaign we have increased organic search traffic by 729.41 percent. The client came to us with a list of 17 keywords for their SEO campaign in November 2017;  they were not in the top 50 results for the majority. They were ranking on the second and third pages of Google for four of their keywords, and were on the first page of Google for just one of their search terms. We knew that our SEO strategy would be highly effective for their website as they had a lot of categorised blog content which could be boosted by our dynamic SEO content strategy. We created our technical implementation document and implemented SEO design & development on their site in the first two months, and at the beginning of January we watched their organic traffic grow tremendously.

Further, we performed some conversion tests before & after our new version of their website went live. In November they received two enquiries, in December they received 13 enquiries (this was around the time the new website went live) in Jan they received 32 enquiries, and by March 2018 we had almost quadrupled December’s results with 48 enquiries. Our SEO strategy looks into all the aspects of your website, including User Experience & Conversion Rate Optimisation.


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