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Drymaster Carpet Cleaning

July 2022 - Present


Increased New Site Users


Decreased Bounce Rate
carpet cleaning melbourne drymaster carpet cleaning
Drymaster Carpet Cleaning
Services Provided:
Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, Carpet Cleaning

Drymaster Carpet Cleaning is our trusted client at SEO Melbourne – providing robust carpet, rug, upholstery, and mattress cleaning services around Melbourne. In just over 6 months, SEO Company Melbourne has implemented a location-based SEO strategy for the client’s site. Let’s have a look at the details…

Location-Based SEO Strategy

Our SEO specialist team implemented our location-based strategy for Drymaster Carpet Cleaning, creating 16 new URLs dedicated to their most popular areas of service. We have curated a selection of keywords dedicated to each SEO page. These URLs include:


Drymaster Carpet Cleaning: Top Keywords

The top keywords for our client include:

  • ‘carpet cleaning melbourne’ – Rank 2
  • ‘rug cleaning melbourne’ – Rank 5
  • ‘carpet cleaning’ – Rank 7

Here’s our progress for the client’s location-based keywords:

location based keywords drymaster carpet cleaning

So far, our new location-based URLs have moved up the ranks over the course of 6 months.


Percentage Comparison Since the Beginning of the Campaign

melbourne carpet cleaning drymaster carpet cleaning

Our client as shown immense growth since the beginning of their campaign. SEO Melbourne has:

  • Increased site users by 54%
  • Increased new site users by 57%
  • Increased site sessions by 45%
  • Decreased the bounce rate by 89%
  • Increased pages per session by 20%


Dynamic Content

Dynamic blog content is our secret to having a thriving website. By embedding the campaign’s SEO-focused keywords into the content, the client’s blogs are exposed via a dynamic feed, drawing in traffic. We’ve written blog content for Drymaster, including:


All in all, a wonderful client with great results thus far. Check in soon to see an update on how the campaign is travelling! Looking for robust and effective SEO services? SEO Melbourne is here to help. Reach out to us today for a consultation.

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