SEO Melbourne Company HIOD IT SEO Case Study

Since October 2019, SEO Melbourne has been providing SEO consulting services to HIOD IT, significantly boosting the IT support business’s search engine rankings of keywords and achieving a notable increase in organic search traffic.

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HIOD IT SEO Case Study: Key Insights

SEO Melbourne’s HIOD IT SEO case study reveals how organic search traffic increased by 611.67% after it began its campaign with SEO Melbourne in October 2019, with five keywords ranking on the first search engine results page, increasing from zero first-page rankings prior to its campaign with us.

HIOD IT rankings for relevant and high search volume keywords include:

#1 for IT hardware services
#3 for cloud computing Melbourne
#6 for IT hardware
#9 for IT hardware procurement


HIOD IT Organic Growth

HIOD IT SEO Case Study SEO Melbourne Company

As shown by data above from Google Analytics, organic traffic for HIOD IT is currently (as of July 2020), at its highest point. It has experienced massive growth since it began its campaign with SEO Melbourne in October 2019.

HIOD IT SEO Acquisition

July 2020 vs November 2019 (Organic Traffic)

HIOD IT SEO Case Study SEO Melbourne Company

Thanks to the expertise of our specialists at SEO Melbourne, HIOD IT’s organic search increased by a massive 661.67% when you compare organic search in July 2020 (blue) and November 2019 (orange).

July 2020 vs May 2020

HIOD IT SEO Case Study SEO Melbourne Company

A comparison of recent months also shows a drastic improvement in organic search for HIOD IT’s website. As shown by data above, organic search increased by an impressive 425.29% when comparing data from July (blue) and May (orange) of 2020.

HIOD IT Page Views

HIOD IT SEO Case Study SEO Melbourne Company

SEO Melbourne additionally assisted HIOD IT in content creation specifically targeted at generating traffic and improving rankings. In March, our team published the content article Computer Hardware Components Explained for the IT Support Blog section of HIOD IT’s website, which, as shown by data from Google Analytics above, massively increased their website traffic in recent months. In fact, in June 2020, it was responsible for bringing the website the highest amount of organic traffic next to HIOD IT’s homepage, as shown below.

HIOD IT SEO Case Study SEO Melbourne Company

HIOD IT SEO Key Takeaways

Keywords movements show a positive trend.

  • HIOD IT has experienced an impressive organic search increase of 661.67% since the start of its campaign.
  • 5 high volume keywords ranking on Google’s first SERP
  • 4 high volume keywords rose to Google’s first SERP

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