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SEO Melbourne Letitia Morris SEO Case Study

Since September 2018, SEO Melbourne has been providing SEO consulting services to Letitia Morris, significantly boosting the vintage poster gallery's business search engine rankings for keywords and achieving a notable increase of 116.49% in organic search traffic.

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Letitia Morris SEO Case Study: Key Insights

Letitia Morris, a vintage poster gallery business, is one of SEO Melbourne‘s long-term clients. They have been working with us since September 2018. SEO Melbourne’s Letitia Morris SEO case study reveals how organic search traffic increased by 132.71% (as of July 31st, 2021) after it began its campaign with SEO Melbourne, with fourteen keywords ranking on the first search engine results page.

Letitia Morris’s rankings for relevant and high search volume keywords include:

#1 for Bally Prints, Bally Poster, Campari Poster, & Cappiello Poster.

#2 for Vintage Posters, Posters Melbourne, Vintage Prints, Original Posters, & Villemot Poster.

#3 for Vintage Posters Melbourne, French Posters, 

These rankings are accurate as of August 16th 2021 and may not reflect current rankings as Google’s results are fluid.


Letitia Morris SEO Organic Search Overview

The data above shows the organic traffic for Letitia Morris from September 2018 to July 2021. Since October 2020, we view a drastic increase in organic search traffic after the start of their campaign with SEO Melbourne.

Letitia Morris SEO Acquisition

With the expertise of our specialists at SEO Melbourne, Letitia Morris’s organic search increased by a whopping 138.45% in July 2021 in comparison to September 2018, prior to the start of our SEO campaign with the client.

SEO results letitia Morris

Furthermore, data below shows that Letitia Morris’s organic search achieved an increase of 28.92%  in July 2021 in comparison to July 2020 and increase of 132.71% in July 2021 as compared to July 2019.

July 2021 vs July 2020

Leitita Morris SEO Melbourne

July 2021 vs July 2019

SEO results Letitia Morris Gallery

Letitia Morris SEO Key Takeaways

Keywords Movements show a positive trend.

  • Letitia Morris has experienced an impressive organic search increase of  138.45%, as of July 2021 since the start of its campaign.
  • 14 high volume keywords are ranking on Google’s first SERP.
  • 4 high volume keywords are ranking #1.
  • ‘Australian Vintage Posters’ and ‘Giant Posters’, previously ranked beyond the top 50 search results prior to its campaign, are now both ranked on the first page.
  • ‘Campari Poster’, which previously appeared on the third page of SERP prior to working with SEO Melbourne, is now ranked #1.

Letitia Morris SEO Melbourne

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