Specialist Termite Control

SEO Melbourne Case Study Specialist Termite Control

SEO Melbourne helped Specialist Termite Control rank on the first SERP for prime keywords and increase their goal conversions significantly.

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Specialist Termite Control

SEO Melbourne provided SEO content writing, PPC and web development services to Specialist Termite Control, significantly improving their Google rankings and goal conversions.

Client: Specialist Termite Control

Category: SEO Campaign Case Studies, SEO Web Design & Development, SEO Content Writing, PPC Case Studies


SEO Melbourne’s targeted content strategy dramatically improved the client’s Google rankings. As of July 2019, 13 out of 14 keywords appear on the first search results page, with 9 keywords ranking as the top search results. This includes:

#1 for “Termite Treatment”

#1 for “Termite Inspection”

#1 for “Termite Control”


Comparing the first four months of our campaign to the same period last year, we have increased goal conversions by 38% and more than doubled the goal conversion rate. Similarly, goal completions in June 2019 compared to June 2018 has increased twofold. Visits to the campaign page Free Assessment has also grown since the start of our campaign, helping the client earn more leads.

Goal conversions comparing March-June 2019 and 2018:

SEO Case Study - Specialist Termite Control SEO Melbourne

Goal conversions comparing June 2019 and 2018:

SEO Case Study - Organic Traffic Improvement - SEO Melbourne


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