Here at SEO Melbourne we know how important it is to stay top of the game within the digital marketing industry and more particularly SEO. The industry is changing daily, with new updates, techniques and technologies emerging ever relentlessly.  Whether you’re a professional digital marketer yourself, a business owner who wants to expand online, a recent graduate or just someone looking to develop their skills, digital marketing events are some of the best ways to stay informed, to promote yourself and network your business.

There are countless opportunities to connect with other digital marketers in Melbourne however with so many digital marketing events going on and so much information online, they can be easy to miss.  From regular meetups to free workshops and larger summits, whatever digital marketing events in Melbourne that you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it. To help you plan your diary we’ve come up with a list of some of the top digital marketing events and meetups in Melbourne that you won’t want to miss.

    2018 Digital Marketing Events In Melbourne

Melbourne digital marketing events

26 October 2018, Marketing Super Conference Melbourne

This conference aims to provide practical advice and access for any business owner looking to expand their business online. This might appeal to anyone from a range of industries such as online and offline marketeers, web designers, health professionals, social media experts, SEO experts or anyone looking to make money from their business online, learn about digital marketing or simply to network with other professionals. Throughout this one day event this conference covers advice on affordable proven marketing ideas, the chance to listen to guest speakers who are real business leaders along with networking opportunities. Topics will include: Understanding how SEO really works, how to maximise your conversions, inspirational advice and how to utilise social media and video.

Read more here:

Melbourne digital marketing events

30 October 2018, The Titans of Analytics Roadshow

One of the biggest digital marketing events, the Titans of Analytics Roadshow takes place in Australia in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and looks at what is cutting edge in data and analytics. This event is aimed towards C-Level Executives, Data Scientists, Analytics Professionals, Data Management leaders, Heads of Marketing or just anyone who is looking to utilise data to its full potential. The important event will include key speakers, a panel session and networking drinks and will cover topics such as: sampling advanced analytics, making the right  data accessible across your entire organisation and how to take your data warehouse to the cloud.

Melbourne digital marketing events

November 28 2018, The Creative Collective Melbourne- Digital Marketing Essentials, Prepare for 2019

This full day Digital Marketing Masterclass covers all digital marketing opportunities available that business or individuals may want to use in their own digital strategy or digital marketing campaign. Topics covered in this event include: Defining your campaign objectives, Defining your target market and seeing what type of people are already interested in your business, advice on how to define your brand voice for your digital marketing strategy and how this may vary on different marketing channels, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, Imagery and analytics. This particular event is aimed at people who already have a website and are looking to drive results, people wanting to move or expand their business online, people wanted to connect with their customers via the internet or for students and graduates wanting to gain new skills.

You can read more about the event and book your tickets here:

If you are looking to study digital marketing and particularly SEO in Australia, you may be interested in checking out our list of degrees here:

    2019 Digital Marketing Events

Melbourne digital marketing events

27 February 2019, Intrigue Summit Melbourne

The Intrigue Summit Melbourne is one of the first big digital marketing events in Melbourne in 2019. This particular summit aims to bring together the best minds in Marketing. This event will encourage marketers to discuss and share ideas and will cover topics such as SEO, SEM, email, video, mobile marketing, market research, automation and other topics. The event will include key speakers from the region and panel discussions. More information will be available closer to the time of the event.

You can sign up for more information here:

Melbourne digital marketing events

Mar 14-15 2019,  Digital marketing innovation summit Melbourne

Bringing together the largest gathering of Australia’s leaders in digital marketing and digital media, the Digital Marketing Innovation Summit, Melbourne is one of the digital marketing events that you won’t want to miss. This event will include key speakers and networking opportunities and will touch on a number of topics such as SEO, SEM strategies, utilising video, utilising and implementing a data-driven marketing strategy and tracking.

Melbourne digital marketing events

Digital Marketing Meetups

If you haven’t already heard of before then you’ll love the professional networking opportunities of these groups. Meetup came about as a way of getting people to connect be it to meet others who share a similar hobby, to explore a new place or to meet other professionals.

These regular groups are a great way to contact build, work and bounce ideas off each other and for those working in the Digital Marketing industry in Melbourne there are quite a few in the city that you may be interested in checking out.  

Here are a couple of our favourites:

digital marketing events in melbourne

Digital Marketers Australia (Melbourne) Meetup

This is a meet up  for digital marketers based in Melbourne who are looking for strategies to expand their business through online marketing. The meet ups cover a broad range of digital marketing topic from free strategies such as SEO to paid media strategies like SEM. The meet-up is a great way to learn more about the industry and also to contact build. The Meetup events vary but often include speakers from the industry and end with a panel and Q and A.

You can find more information about the group and the upcoming events here:

digital marketing events Melbourne

Interactive Minds Melbourne, Events about Digital Marketing

Interactive Minds Melbourne is a meet-up based in Melbourne that holds regular events for digital marketers to connect and learn. Events include talks from industry experts, chances to network and an opportunity to stay updated with all things digital marketing.

Read more about the group and sign up for their events here:

The Digital Marketing industry is ever changing and while it’s impossible to stay on top of everything that’s going on, these digital marketing events and meetups are a good way to start.

Here at SEO Melbourne we realise how important it is to connect with others in the Digital Marketing industry and we are always on the lookout for new conferences, summits and meet ups to help us do this.If you want more about how SEO can enhance your Digital Marking, feel free to contact us here.

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