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Learn how to utilise pre existing and new content to improve your SEO. Learn from our Account Director in a class room environment here at SEO Melbourne (Level 7, 222 Exhibition Street Melbourne) over the course of half a days workshop. The SEO workshop starts at 9:30 am and runs until 12:30 pm, with a morning tea break in between. If you cannot physically be present, why not be present digitally? we accept Skype personas also!

The SEO Melbourne Content Workshop Will Include The Following

  • How to best optimise a post/page and all its contributing assets.
  • How to setup and contribute to a content silo and leverage this to rank.
  • How to judge content success and improve metrics.
  • How to identify green fields and areas of volume to strategically harness traffic.
  • How to be agile in your content strategy approach to rank content and pages again and again.
  • How to best formulate content ideas to increase sales and leads.

Why Should I Buy A Ticket?

  1. We rank number one for many of our own keywords including, SEO, SEO Company Melbourne, SEO agency Melbourne etc.. etc.. Logic would follow we know what we are talking about. We have helped many companies and business’s to rank and grow.
  2. You will learn priceless information regarding content and how to integrate it into your website for maximum effect.
  3. You will be given one on one advice, guidance and creative ranking ideas regarding your website.
  4. You will rank higher than you did if you didn’t 🙂

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