SEO Melbourne Schema Markups

Schema Markups That Can Lead To Higher Click-Through Rates

Schema markups are a type of microdata that assists Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo! to structure the data of the websites into simpler categories and present the contents more comprehensively on the SERPs. The result of the SERP is the rich snippet that has been identified from the content of the query put […]

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SEO Melbourne AI-Powered Content Marketing

AI-powered content marketing for higher rankings

If you’ve never thought too much about artificial intelligence (AI) beyond the 2001 Steven Spielberg movie, perhaps it’s time to.  As the online world becomes more saturated with information, it is increasingly harder for companies to compete and outperform each other. This is in addition to the shifting consumer needs and trends that dictate the […]

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SEO Melbourne SERPs across browsers

SERPs across browsers: Using Google and understanding why browsers display SERPs differently

How many times have we caught ourselves deciding to ‘Just Google it!’. Well, personally, all the time for a lot of things. Google does seem to know it all. We are not just referring to how Google can give us information on almost every topic out there or help us buy basically anything we want. […]

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SEO Melbourne Video Transcript

Google has begun utilising Youtube video transcripts for SEO

Video transcripts and SEO Video transcripts are a textual and linguistic representation of the content within a video and a simple way of creating captions for your Youtube videos. Search engines have been able to quickly digest this body of text for some time and now video transcripts are now being used as a featured […]

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SEO Melbourne Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals: Google’s New Ranking Signal

Insights into Google’s new Core Web Vitals ranking signal Google recently announced changes to its search ranking system with the introduction of Core Web Vitals as a ranking signal. Below, we analyse the new additions to ranking criteria and take a look at a case study to explore what this change mean for your website. […]

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SEO Melbourne Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

It’s no secret that a large part of digital marketing, particularly in the field of SEO, is hardly taught across Australian universities. A degree in Media Communications or Journalism often presents students with a more philosophical perspective, such as debating the existence of Internet addiction or discussing Habermas’ public sphere. Yet, when it comes to […]

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SEO Melbourne Hashtags

Using The Right Hashtags To Increase Web Traffic

So you’ve been doing some SEO research for your business and wondered… what’s the difference between hashtags/keywords and how can using these benefit my business? Firstly, keywords be it hashed or otherwise are super important for businesses these days. It helps create a bridge to what people want to search for (such as trending topics) […]

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SEO Company Melbourne SEO for website migration

The Complete SEO Guide for Website Migration

In this ever-evolving world of technology, website has become the most common and important touchpoint for any business. With the unpredictable and rapid technological advancements, the adaptability of a business’s website becomes a critical factor for its growth. Site Migration is a way of adapting to the changes, which refers to the substantial alterations within […]

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SEO Melbourne Amazon SEO

How to Effectively Optimise Your Products for Amazon

Amazon: The Largest E-Commerce Search Engine As the world has grown increasingly digital and online shopping has become more commonplace than ever, it’s hard to ignore the power of the online retail giant known as Amazon. However, many businesses are concerned with improving SEO on Google but aren’t very well-versed in SEO on Amazon. In […]

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SEO Company Melbourne Clickbait Image

Why Clickbait Is Bad For SEO & Brand Authority

As promised in the title, this blog post will explore why clickbait occurs, how is bad for your SEO and brand authority and what Google is doing about it. So rest assured, you haven’t been clickbaited. What are clickbait headlines and why do people use them? Clickbait headlines are overpromising and controversial statements which use […]

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