Mobile Friendliness Test SEO Company Melbourne

Google’s New Mobile Friendly Tester SEO Service

Is your website mobile friendly?  Today we’re bringing you an update from Google and a new tool they have that tests your website’s speed and mobile friendliness. Previously, we have written about mobile SEO and with the statistics back in 2015 showing mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches, it’s imperative that your website is mobile friendly […]

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Link Building Cartoon SEO Melbourne

Link Building, Is It Still Relevant For SEO?

Link building has been through some serious changes. Back linking or links that you receive from other sites was once the number 1 Google ranking factor. Google over time became aware of the SPAM sites this created, it was bad for the internet and for users. Google could see low quality websites in it’s own […]

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HTTP SEO Company Melbourne

Microsites And SEO

Microsites, under the right circumstances, can be a great marketing strategy. Big multinational companies like Coca Cola frequently use microsites to drive awareness of a new advertising campaign or product launch. However, from an SEO perspective, microsites are not usually a recommended strategy. Why? Because if your primary concern is to boost your organic presence in […]

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Penguin 3.0 SEO Melbourne

Google Penguin – Again!!

  Google is at it again. The last time Google’s Penguin struck it was the equivalent of a stock market crash or a world war type event for the search world. Organic rankings pretty much overnight would never be the same. Millions of dollars were lost via this crucial (for internet progression) and highly disruptive […]

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SERP Meme Melbourne SEO Company

Google SERP’S Whimsical Change Or Are SERP’s Becoming Dynamic To Trend & Seasonal Data?

  Google tweaks and changes it search engine results pages (SERPS) at ad nauseam levels these days. They continue to change and test relentlessly almost to the point that you now expect a search result to look different every time you search it. If you search a keyword multiple times over a period of at […]

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Rank Brain SEO Melbourne

RankBrain and what it means for SEO

What is RankBrain? RankBrain is a component of Google’s algorithm which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the most relevant search results for search queries. It is incredibly important to understand if you are a SEO Company or business in Melbourne, Australia and or in the World. Before RankBrain, Google utilised a basic algorithm to […]

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UI & UX Design Melbourne SEO Company

SEO, User Experience and User Interface Design

Back in the day, SEO was completely separate from UI and UX, you would make your website, throw some keywords in and call it good, but – oh boy! – how times have changed. Not only is Google placing less and less focus on keywords but search engines even have algorithms that analyse the usability […]

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Patients Statistics Healthscope Melbourne SEO

SEO Melbourne Success Story’s

At SEO Melbourne, we deliver tangible and long lasting SEO results. We have been doing so for 10 great years. Here are a couple of examples of amazing success stories which we have facilitated. Success story #1 Healthscope SEO Melbourne was approached to work with one of Australia’s largest private health operators ASX-HSO . Healthscope provide […]

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Track Wins SEO Melbourne

How To Track The Success Of Your Website

  Whether you have already jumped into your new and improved marketing campaign or you are starting to think about SEO, you need a set of tools to analyse and develop your online marketing strategy. Thankfully the digital marketing tools are simple and hugely valuable when put to use in the right ways. Here are […]

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Website Overhaul Melbourne SEO Company

When is it time to overhaul your website?

Your business is constantly growing and changing. Sometimes your business can expand so fast that your website is left behind. It is important that you update your website periodically to present your business image in a fresh and dynamic way. When is it time to overhaul your website? Business opportunities can present themselves in various […]

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