Flanders Family Tree SEO Company Melbourne

SEO & The Paramount Importance of Structure & Content Hierarchy

At SEO Melbourne before we undertake a campaign we like to spend considerable time educating our clients. This is important for two reasons. 1. For the client to understand that which we want to achieve they must first understand how and why we do it. 2. To make critical website changes to sometimes protective clients […]

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SEO Rapper Meme SEO Melbourne

SEO Rapper! SEO Advice From Street Level

The boys over at Five Creative  sent this across. This made us smile here at SEO Melbourne. SEO advice in the form of a rap. Bravo!!. There is actually quite a  lot that can be taken away from this SEO advice rap. The video is titled Page Rank, but it seems that the SEO rapper […]

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Logo Melbourne SEO Company

SEO Melbourne.com: The Ranking Story

So I thought it would be really useful if I explained in detail the history of search engine optimisation for SEO Melbourne.com. We went from ranking highly through an exact match domain, then falling from the top 3 for “SEO Melbourne” when Google changed their algorithm. And then after a lot of hard work we […]

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Cartoon Cowboy SEO Company Melbourne

Be Warned! SEO Cow Boys & Their Bad Link Building Techniques

I’ve been meaning to post about SEO link building services and all the pitfalls, dragons and cowboys that frequent this grey* and black hat* SEO strategy for some time.  Be warned I may subsequently vent some frustration within this prose. But for now.   Consider this image.   Be warned there are many SEO agencies, […]

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City Of Melbourne SEO Melbourne

Dynamic SEO Content: The Paramount Importance Of Dynamic Content

  Dynamic content and having a genuine understanding of the power of optimising said content is what should be frequenting your ranking and optimisation thoughts. Implementing dynamic SEO into your plans for your future website changes is a number 1 priority here at SEO Melbourne. Some important questions need to be asked when we think […]

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Colleagues Working SEO Company Melbourne

Is My SEO Working? SEO Melbourne Explains The Key Areas To Focus On When Judging Performance

Whether you’ve employed someone to undertake search engine optimisation for you, or you’ve undertaken the steps yourself, sometimes it can be frustrating when you don’t see the results straight away, or even after a series of months. Thanks to social media, many of us have become desensitised to websites and videos that have ‘gone viral’ […]

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Technology Cartoon SEO Melbourne

What Type of Mobile Website Should You Build?

With the prevalence of mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphones, it is becoming more and more necessary to adapt both your website and your SEO strategy to accommodate to users needs. But where do you start? One of the biggest issues of building a mobile site is that there are many different ways that […]

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