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Google’s Penguin – Again!!


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Google is at it again.

The last time Google’s Penguin struck it was the equivalent of a stock market crash or a world war type event for the search world. Organic rankings pretty much overnight would never be the same. Millions of dollars were lost via this crucial (for internet progression) and highly disruptive SERP change. It was a costly update for many business that had employed spammy techniques and or had low quality websites. A win for the internet and a loss for those who took short cuts. Now Google are at it again with Google’s Penguin.

If you read my last post you may have drawn the dots

it pointed out that we were witnessing a storm in the SERP’S (search engine results pages). Could this be the next Google’s Penguin update (which traditionally are know as mega updates)? Will this be as big a change to the online world as before? What will be some of the recovery options available, if any? and how will this change SEO for the future? Many a question needing answers. Of one thing you can be sure, it will as it always does make the internet a better place. So, keep doing the right things and as time goes on websites that don’t will be punished and hopefully yours will be rewarded.

For an in depth report and for search engine result updates stay abreast at the reputable MOZ cast.  A weather report for search engine optimisation professionals if you want to learn more about updates like Google’s Penguin.

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