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Google has announced the new feature called Shopping Graph, which is the real-time dataset that connects shoppers with billions of product listings from merchants all across the internet. With Google Shopping Graph SEO use, Google has also expanded its features into Shopify integration and several other features designed to facilitate e-commerce for users. This will benefit around 1.7 million businesses around the world, and these merchants can easily display their products on various Google platforms, which includes Search, Google Shopping, Google Images, Youtube and more. 


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Shopping Graph and Buyers


This tool unifies results from all Google platforms made available for listing to the Shopify merchants. Further, this has generated over 24 billion listings to potential buyers. Along with that, Google is also bringing in a way to search products that have been captured in screenshots. 


According to the United States August 20 survey, the majority of all e-commerce searches still begin on Amazon. However, Google continues to be a go-to tool for online comparison shoppers, and this has become a growing trend throughout the pandemic and beyond. Shopping Graph is Google’s latest effort to be the most powerful non-marketplace e-commerce destination on the web.


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How Google Shopping Graph Works 


When a user searches for a product, the Shopping Graph results box pulls together a selection of relevant products from across marketplace listings and brand websites. A series of helpful metrics are provided for each product.




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Some of the most common data points surfaced in Shopping Graph results include: website information, price list, customer reviews, videos and images, SKU and inventory stock. 

Unlike Google Ads, which require sellers to pay for exposure, Shopping Graph surfaces products based on Google’s own search algorithms. Google is explicit that these results are not paid advertisements. Ultimately, the aim of Shopping Graph is to provide shoppers with products most likely to match their shopping intent, while also providing the most relevant information they would need to make a purchasing decision. In theory, the results are not the result of any form of paid advertising and this should lead to increased consumer trust in them.


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SEO Optimization and Google Graph Feed

With Google’s Shopping Graph, it is also all about product options. When consumers go to Amazon, they’re given Amazon’s price for a particular product along with PDP/enhanced content, reviews, etc. Oftentimes, it’s a solid representation of the product (and its lowest possible pricing), but it’s still only one access point for that product. 

Last year, the pandemic caused a shift in consumer behavior, resulting in a boom for e-commerce while local retailers were set back by social distancing and mandated lockdowns. Since then, new consumer preferences have taken hold and more people than ever are turning to e-commerce or buy-online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS) to replace traditional shopping experiences.

Product feeds are essential for listings in Google Shopping. Likely the ecommerce software has a default feed generator.. Or, you could make your own feed with Google Sheets, which will natively work with Google Merchant Center.

Shopping feeds can include relevant search terms in the titles and product descriptions. Including those terms is scalable with scraping — pulling essential product titles and details into a sheet to quickly identify key terms. After some hours (depending on product quantity), publish the feed and measure the results.


SEO Features in Shopping Graphs

The key is making sure Google has access to as much information about your products as possible. Google shopping graph SEO starts with high-quality listings.


  • Keyword-Rich Descriptions – Google’s algorithm crawls the text associated with your products to determine what you are selling and how closely it matches what customers are searching for. Regularly auditing the catalog to ensure that the users are making the most of listing character counts. This is why using search engine optimization (SEO) is such a valuable proposition for e-commerce websites.
  • Multiple Product Categories – When given the opportunity, select as many relevant categories for products as possible. Not only will this help the Google Shopping Graph algorithm properly define products, it is a best practice for nearly all e-commerce marketplaces where users can list. Use Google Trends to see what keywords can relate as similar categories
  • Inserting Images and Videos – Users want to be sure that your product listings have clear and attractive multimedia. Using optimized text for images and videos, this can be a great way to increase listing rank on google. To continue to be driving forces in engaging customer attention and conveying the value of your products. Google Shopping Graph results rely on these, as well. Moreover, strong visuals will help Shopping Graph appearances stand out from the competition.

In conclusion, getting the most out of Google Shopping Graph essentially depends to search engine optimization (SEO) for e-commerce listings. Users will want to position product listings and brand so that Google’s algorithms and AI tools can properly find and understand them. Despite Amazon’s dominance, online shoppers are showing increased comfort in branching out beyond singular marketplaces. Google has been an essential vehicle in connecting shoppers to the products, deals, brands, and marketplaces that have what they are looking for.

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This has been made evident in the record boosts in SEO visibility for a number of marketplaces and brands over the past year. The emergence of Shopping Graph should only serve to continue this trend. If you would like help with your Shopping Graph, or anything else SEO-related SEO Company Melbourne – the experts in the businesses providing professional and proven results

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