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What is going on? Now webmaster tools has been hacked. “Recrawl Now” highlighted in the above image is an outbound pointing link to Rick Anstley – Never Gonna Give Up music clip.


After the facebook and Cambridge Analytica data breach we are now seeing a hack of Google’s new webmaster tools platform. It’s currently in Beta and is still being worked on and tested, obviously it needs more work as its been penetrated very easily. Hacks and breaches such as this do not provide users of Google’s webmaster tools with ease of mind. To have such a large foundational web 2.0 company so easily hacked is quite a shock. But in reality it shouldn’t be, unfortunately. We are now living in a world were none of our information is safe. None. Anything online is now fair game. Given new political tensions it is now a new anonymous frontier of global warfare and is on the increase.

What is Google going to say? and how will they respond?

If Google and Facebook can be so easily hacked what does this say about our own information?

Here at SEO Melbourne web 3.0 can’t come quick enough. What do we mean by this? Take a read of our SEO & Blockchain piece for further insight here.  These huge data carriers such as Google and Facebook are such enormous data honeypots for hackers and so easily penetrated by people who’s sole purpose is to hack. Very concerning indeed.

Update: This was an April fools joke. This is one joke in todays current climate that is certainly not needed and not welcome. Especially given what has just occurred with Facebook’s data breach via Cambridge Analytica and clear illegal manipulation of democracy. Users seem to be at the mercy of these large and powerful behemoths and playing people like this under such circumstances is in poor taste.  Poor play Google, poor play. No one likes being hacked even if for fun and your users expense.


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