You already know that keeping up-to-date with changes to Google’s search algorithms is essential. It greatly improves your search rankings, helping drive traffic to your site. But Google changes these algorithms constantly, so it can be difficult to keep track of them. Once they change, it can be difficult to change your website accordingly to align to its specific need.

To help you get the most benefits out of these changes, SEO Melbourne has tracked the most recent changes to Google’s algorithms for you. We will share our SEO tips with you so you can implement cutting-edge SEO strategy on your website.

Today we will talk about implementing long form content strategies on your website these SEO strategies align with Google’s algorithm updates over the past year.


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Google updated its algorithms to reward detailed long-form content, similar to a news article. The algorithm penalised websites with thin, insubstantial content. This means that to return better search results, your website should include rich content with lots of in-depth information.

This update comes after Google also rewarded rich long-form content last year. In August 2013, an algorithm update started promoting in-depth content which appears similar to news content.

Longer content enjoys a prominent location in Google’s search result page. Google has rewarded some in-depth content by showcasing it at the top of search results pages in the In The News Box.

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Previously Google reserved this space for traditional news websites. However, the current algorithm update expanded the types of sources that could appear here. Now blogs and business websites can appear in this prominent location as well. If you write long, more engaging and informative content, Google will privilege this, no matter if you are a traditional news source or not.

So, go the extra mile with your content and you will be rewarded with prominent positions in Googles search result. Make your content full of diverse, technical information and make it plus 500 plus words and you will be rewarded.

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