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Lack of Search Volume Data in Natural Medicine Space Limits Digital Marketing

Google adwords Lack of Search Volume data in natural medicine SEO melbourne

Companies and content creators in the cbd oil industry in Australia will have to work around additional setbacks when strategising for digital marketing campaigns. With Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recently approving the pharmaceutical sale of low dose cannabidiol (CBD) oil over-the-counter, Australia will see an increase in demand for alternative therapeutic products. However, medicinal companies will also need to work around Google’s data access limitations and restrictive policies to succeed.

Data shows that public interest in natural medicine has been growing – in 2019 Google searches for CBD were 117.75% higher than the previous year. More Australians are now aware of natural medicine alternatives such as medicinal marijuana as a remedy for symptoms of various health issues, such as chronic pain, insomnia and epilepsy.


However, despite a growing demand for information and interest regarding medicinal marijuana, Google’s decision to withhold search data for cannabis-related keywords is posing a challenge for this growing industry. 


Google Ads Redacts Data

The Google Keyword planner has complicated the way we approach SEO marketing strategies when optimising for CBD related websites. 

In order to improve a website’s visibility on Google, keyword research is a must. Digital marketers depend on Google Ads when conducting keyword research and discovery. With access to data such as audience behaviour metrics and search traffic volume, marketers attain the words or phrases that customers are looking for when searching for the relevant products and services. Relevant, low-competition keywords can then be utilised in a marketing strategy to optimise a site, write ad copy, improve google rankings and draw more organic traffic to business web pages.


However, when it comes to cannabinoid products and services, this important data is inaccessible. The lack of search volume data in natural medicine related fields makes it difficult to market these products. The Google ads keyword planner blocks access to valuable google trends analysis data, such as the monthly search traffic volume for cannabis-related keywords like CBD and marijuana. 


No data for keyword research lack of search volume data in natural medicine SEO Melbourne


The lack of search volume data in natural medicine will hurt this industry. Without the google trends analysis data available, digital marketers and businesses in the natural medicine industry will need to jump through the regulatory hoops to fill in these marketing research gaps, when optimising CBD related websites for google search.  

The Google Ads policy also prohibits references to CBD and medicinal marijuana from the advertising ecosystem, barring the promotion of products and services that cause damage, harm, or injury – including psychoactive substances.

While preventing the use of CBD and Marijuana related adwords for SEO, this prohibition also  applies to all advertising avenues falling under the google umbrella, including display network, shopping, YouTube and retargeting platforms.

SEO Company Melbourne Medicinal CBD oil treatment natural medicine

Tight regulation regarding the online promotion of natural medicine and medicinal marijuana, paired with an overall lack of clinical and medical research within this area of study, is a pitfall where the consequences will fall on the consumer.

Restricting the natural medicine industry by prohibiting promotion and advertisement will also mean that patients may not be able to access the required information or know the full extent of services available to them in times of need. As for digital marketers, we are faced with the challenge of reaching this growing market, despite the limitations Google places on keyword research. 

If you have a business in the natural medicine space, here at SEO Melbourne we can work with you to grow your digital marketing campaign. 

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