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Cyberpsychology: The Next Step in SEO is (Surprisingly!) Not Another Digital Upgrade


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Cyberpsychology has recently emerged in conversations in the SEO industry.

Advertising Executive Rory Sutherland argues “psychological insight is just as valuable as technological advance,” in his keynote address at the CMO Insight Summit. 

Sutherland, like many others, has awoken to the untapped potential of cyberpsychology in the digital marketing world, where pure logic and human emotion interact on the same virtual plane. Future leaps in SEO strategies will be pioneered by the cyberpsychology expert, a specialist in both the minds of users and computers.

The Psychology of Digital Marketing. Rory Sutherland

With the rise in Siri and other voice command functions, Google and competing algorithms have been growing their capacity to not only understand human psychology, but preempt our behaviours before acting on them. That is why cyberpsychology is the new frontier of digital marketing.

Grey Hat SEO: An Unethical or Inevitable Cyberpsychology Tactic?

The middle ground between white hat and black hat SEO, grey hat SEO employs manipulative techniques in a genuine manner, to improve the PageRank of their good quality content. 

Despite their bending of search engine guidelines, some SEO masters argue it is the new way to achieve success in a rapid and largely ethical manner. 

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Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO: Contrasting Forces of the Cyberpsychology World

The end goal of both black and white hat SEO strategies is identical, to increase website traffic by improving site placement on a search result list. Though, the use of one SEO strategy over another can determine the longevity and success of your endeavour to increase site exposure. 

Exploring the methods and consequences of both black and white hat approaches to SEO will give you a better understanding of which to choose, and which to avoid, when it comes to search engine marketing. That’s why cyberpsychology is fundamental to all things SEO. 

All in all, cyberpsychology is a rising strategy in the world of SEO. From voice command functions to white hat, grey hat and black hat SEO, cyberpsychology is changing the digital marketing landscape.

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