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How Omnichannel Marketing Can Drive Website Traffic


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In this day and age, the internet is overloaded with a wide array of different companies and websites that offer the same products, services, and even ethos, as each other. Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult to drive traffic to websites. According to Neil Patel, 67 per cent of e-Commerce companies highly value omnichannel marketing for their business.  

But What Is Omnichannel Marketing? 

Omnichannel marketing is about diversifying your content through various platforms, channels, and marketing devices. The key to omnichannel marketing is having a cohesive message and customer experience throughout the different platforms, where the focus is on the customer and not solely on the business. Omnichannel techniques use data to connect with each other, adapting to the customer. Channels and divides include:

  • Website optimisation 
  • Social media
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 
  • Mobile Apps 
  • Display Advertising


Website Optimisation 

Optimizing your website on mobile and desktop is one of the most crucial parts of omnichannel marketing. Typically, it is the consumers’ last point of contact before making a purchase. Optimization can be done by customizing the customer’s experience on the web. For example, this can be achieved through live support chats or email newsletter, recommending products or services customers might purchase. 

Social Media 

Social media provides opportunities to promote and sell products as well as inform audiences about a business’ products and services. They increase consumer interaction and loyalty. This is where knowing your audience comes in handy. By knowing what your audience looks for in different stages of the purchase-making decision, you can create infographics about your products, links to videos, or to products, accordingly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  

By creating content that drives people to your website through keyword search can increase the visibility of your site. Therefore, SEO strategies can increase conversions, traffic, and drive sales. Luckily, the SEO experts at SEO Melbourne offer a robust range of SEO services for all businesses and industries in Australia – no matter how big or small.

Mobile Apps  

Apps are the central access point for consumers on mobile phones. Mobile apps provide more opportunities for consumers to interact with your brand. For example, membership information and rewards acquired through mobile apps can provide your business with useful information about your clientele. Therefore, mobile apps can help you track consumer behavior for future marketing knowledge and use. 

Display Advertising  

Display advertising is a great way for customers to see a tangible representation of your product or service. A combination of images, videos, or text of your product on search engines has the potential to increase your site’s visibility and therefore drive traffic to your website. 


How Do Omnichannel Marketing Strategies Work Together To Increase Website Traffic?

Different channels will work together to drive traffic towards each other. Social media posts, ads or electronic direct mail (EDM’s) encourage people to visit your website to gain more information about your product or service, or to purchase your product or service. 

Omnichannel strategies allow you to increase your brand’s awareness and provide channel visibility to your consumers. For example, a younger audience may tend to use social media and mobile apps more so than other web channels – dictating the likelihood of sales and traffic flow. 

As seen in Gartner for Marketers’ case study video above – providing online support to customers resulted in higher numbers of successful purchases. In this way, omnichannel has encouraged high customer retention and word of mouth. 

How Is This Beneficial For SEO? 

Having different channels allows you to analyze data about consumers’ behavior. This aids in the implementation of better keyword selection, creating more targeted content and reflecting what the customers want in your website development, decreasing bounce rates and increasing site sessions. Businesses that have integrated an omnichannel experience achieved 90 per cent more customer retention. This increases your Google metrics and subsequently, rankings.

Key Takeaways 

Omnichannel marketing takes advantage of modern technology and utilizes it in an interconnected and innovative way to give consumers the best experience possible – leading to an increase in traffic to your website. 

If you are in need of omnichannel marketing assistance, the SEO specialists at SEO Melbourne are your first port of call. Call us today for a consultation. 

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