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Templates are not always the way you want them

Let’s go through some WordPress Template 101 hacks. How often do you download a template for your WordPress website with the hope it will deliver all you want? I hope not so often.

But when you install the new theme, you try to personalise to fit your brand, your business. And sometimes it does not work straight out of the box. That is when you need a little bit of HTML & CSS knowledge and sometimes PHP when the following does not work.

WordPress Template 101 hacks – Add a call to action

As an example, you want to add a call to action on the top right corner, if you are lucky you could have a header widget area in which you can add a text widget:

<span style=”font-size:1.5em;color:black;font-weight:700″; text-align: right;>Call Us Today!<br><a href=”tel:1234 111 222″ style=”color:white;font-weight:500″>1234 111 222</a></span>

What does that mean? Everything between <> means its HTML and everything between quotes after the word “style” is CSS.

That will display “Call Us Today!” in bold black and 1.5x bigger than normal text aligned to the right, and it will also display the phone number “1234 111 222” on the next line in white and slightly lighter than bold… with a nice option for people on mobile devices: href=”tel:1234 111 222″ means the person can tap on link and it will initiate the phone call!

Find out more

After that small overview about what is possible to be done without having any deep coding knowledge, you can have look at http://www.w3schools.com/cssref/default.asp to learn more about CSS.

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