Data and stats can tell us a lot if we know how to analyse and understand them. Google Analytics, is a key industry platform that is used to look at your website data in a clear and concise format. Our wide range of informative SEO-related videos on our SEO TV channel will give you a deeper understanding of all the elements of this analytics software. After watching these webisodes you will understand the importance of this tool, how it can benefit your business, and become familiar with some terminology like ‘conversion rate’ and ‘goals’. Armed with your new-found knowledge, you’ll have a better understanding of which areas of your website require improvements. This will lead to a website that is preforming highly from an SEO standpoint. By harnessing the power of driving traffic, sales enquiries, and more you'll be able to achieve a better website. This is particularly important as driving traffic and sales is precisely what SEO is all about! If you’re not sure where to start or are new to the realm of digital marketing, you could start with our more popular videos: 1. Google Analytics The Basics Explained, Google Analytics Traffic & Goal Reporting 2. How To SEO Your Facebook Page For Google & Other Search Engines, Facebook SEO 3. What’s The Difference Between Exit and Bounce Rates In Google Analytics? 4. What Is Remarketing? How Does Google Remarketing work?