The first focus of any SEO campaign is typically keyword research. It is a core component throughout the entire SEO strategy, so it is crucial we get it right. Unrealistic or irrelevant keyword research could be what undermines your entire content strategy. This is because your content is positively influenced by the successful integration of strong keywords within the text and images of your writing piece. In these insightful SEO videos, the focus is on keyword research. The following sub-topics will show you the standard tools and techniques to find the keywords that your organic audience is already searching with on Google. These webisodes will also show how to index your website by submitting a sitemap to Google. These standard keyword practices can help boost the visibility and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. For further related content, be sure to check out our most popular videos: 1. Google Analytics The Basics Explained, Google Analytics Traffic & Goal Reporting 2. How To SEO Your Facebook Page For Google & Other Search Engines, Facebook SEO 3. What’s The Difference Between Exit and Bounce Rates In Google Analytics? 4. What Is Remarketing? How Does Google Remarketing work? If you're interested in seeing examples of how keyword research has been integral in our clients' SEO campaign success, read our results case studies here.