Top 6 SEO Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid Part 1


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Imagine you just had a genius idea for a business. You decide to go ahead and give it all you’ve got. You quit your full time job and dedicate your life to your new business. You have a product or a service ready and all you need to do now is to let potential customers know about it. You create an online presence for your business and set up a website and a few social media channels. However, as months go by, the growth you were expecting is just not happening. What is it that you’re doing wrong? In this video, we list some of the common mistakes we often see business owners commit. Make sure you avoid them!

Hiring a dodgy SEO company promising results in one week. 

Some SEO agencies out there advertise themselves as magicians, capable of ranking your business on the first page of Google in a really short period of time. However, we know that a transparent SEO process often takes longer than a few weeks, especially for new websites. 

Even if you optimise your site and make sure it ticks all the SEO boxes, it will take time for Google to notice the changes and increase your rankings. We explain the process of getting ranked in Google in this SEO FAQ video

Creating a clunky website with information no one cares about. 

We often have clients come through with websites that are overwhelmed with the amount of information provided, making it very hard for users to find what they’re looking for. These websites are often very slow to load, further discouraging users from staying on-page and translating into conversions. 

The best way to avoid that is to go analyse your site critically and assess each digital asset it contains. Try to imagine you’re a new user and ask yourself whether the content you find on your site is useful and easy to find and understand. Get rid of all unnecessary elements (unless you want to end up on

Over-optimising for SEO. 

Too often, business owners are led to believe that poor SEO practices work. One of such practices is including numerous keywords on pages within their sites. This practice does not only worsen the user experience within your site but will also likely be penalised by Google. As a result, your website might disappear from Google rankings altogether. 

Another bad practice is creating new websites or paying to gain backlinks from shady sites. This can also be easily detected and penalised by Google so we strongly recommend avoiding doing that. 

Wrap up: 

Business owners need to beware of many issues related to creating and developing a website. Sometimes it’s easy to be fooled in a field you might not know much about. That’s why it’s so important to do your research and critically assess whether:

  • the SEO agency you’re talking to is promising realistic results, 
  • your website is easy to navigate and entices users, and
  • you haven’t gone overboard with keywords and links to avoid being penalised by Google.


Want to be even more certain you’re not committing SEO mistakes? We discuss more pitfalls business owners should avoid in part 2 of this video so follow the link to watch it now! If you want to explore our other content that covers all things SEO, check out SEO Company Melbourne to learn more

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