Google Penguin Update, How Will It Affect My Websites Ranking & Traffic?


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Google Penguin Update, How Will It Affect My Websites Ranking & Traffic?

Google’s latest algorithm overhaul was the Penguin Update, released on April 24th. It has affected many online businesses through a significant decrease in rankings and therefore traffic. If you haven’t heard of it, you should try and understand it as it signifies a dramatic change in the way websites are ranked on Google.

This update specifically targets those who have adopted spammy link-building techniques over the years and those not updating content for extended periods of time. Penguin also helps decrease the rankings of sites that use black hat SEO techniques to increase rankings.

Google Penguin determines whether a website should be penalized, and have its ranking decreased, through three factors: the use of keyword stuffing, the ratio of bad links coming from non-moderated blogs, and the ratio of no real on-site activity or updated content.

In short, Google Penguin was created to specifically affect websites that have little to no useful content and who have attempted to cheat the system.

Google has stated that if your website is employing white hat SEO techniques, and there is user-friendly regularly updated content, then Penguin should not affect your rankings.

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