How Do I Create An Integrated SEO Marketing Campaign 1?

How Do I Create An Integrated SEO Marketing Campaign 1?

In our previous episode [see Integrated Marketing – What Is It?], we discussed what an integrated marketing campaign was, the complications that may arise from them, and why you should create one for your brand.

The following steps are some of the basics to beginning to undertake your own integrated marketing campaign, each of which can easily be applied through everyday SEO and online marketing.

What is the problem?
What is the problem that you are trying to fix? You have to establish what problem you’re trying to fix before you can think of a solution. Try not to get the symptoms or causes confused with the overall problem, such as a decrease in sales or an increase in delayed stock.

When trying to determine what your overall problem is, look into all aspects of your brand and try to decide if there is something that is affecting it overall.

When you have uncovered what problem you plan on tackling, then you can begin to discover what solution you will have to imply to receive the results you want.

[Screen flow: Integrated marketing infograph]

Think outside of the box
One of the most influential aspects of a successful integrated marketing campaign is that they’re often unique and stand out.

There is no point in creating a full-scale campaign across multiple platforms if they’re boring or dull.

Take the time and energy necessary to find an overall strategy that is unique, yet powerful, before you begin to implement the next stages of your campaign.

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