How Does The Penguin Update Affect Your Content Strategy & How Often You Should Update Your Content?


How Does The Penguin Update Affect Your Content Strategy & How Often You Should Update Your Content?

In the previous SEO webisode, we discussed the benefits of content marketing, and how it can improve your business. Enhancing your content to the best of your ability is important, both for the sake of users, but also in light of the Penguin Update.

In April this year Google released an entirely new algorithm to determine website’s rankings, known as the Penguin Update. Unlike the previous Panda updates, Google Penguin targets a website’s usability, focusing on quality content, regular updates and relevant linking.

So how does this affect your website, and will successful content marketing satisfy Google’s latest algorithm?

One of the best things about content marketing is that it’s providing information for customers, and, as such, answers their questions. As this is considered useful for viewers, the Penguin Update will rank your website higher as a result.

Currently, the Penguin algorithm crawls sites to see if the information is being regularly updated. By using content marketing, not only will the Penguin algorithm be satisfied, but the more frequently you update, the more often Google inspects and ranks your site.

Lastly, the Penguin Update is targeting and decreasing the rankings of websites who have duplicate content on their sites. Duplicate content is the use of a substantial amount of content that is either the same as other information on your website, or very similar.

While in most cases, the site may not be purposefully deceiving, they are still getting penalised for having the same information multiple times. By having a good content marketing team, they can assess when a block of information is being used, and replace it with new material instead, saving your website from being negatively affected by Google Penguin.

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