How To Increase Website Traffic Tips: Useful Content Accompanied With Great Website Structure


SEO: How To Increase Traffic Through Useful Content Accompanied With Great Website Structure :

Increase traffic tips, using valuable content accompanied with great content and website structure.


Welcome to, NSM are food wholesalers and i will be commenting on this website as a whole in regards to usability and why this site ranks high for great keywords and generates the high amount of traffic that it does. It is a great example of the strategic side of SEO.


This client has thousands upon thousands of products. If you look at the homepage we have them categorised in herbs and spices, dried fruits, superfoods, pulses and grains, crackers, gourmet foods and nuts. This allows the user to find their specific product quickly and efficiently and as a result so can Google when it crawls the site which is tick in Googles eyes


We have links to the specific categories on the homepage and we also have a link to the directory in its entirety in the top right hand corner and this is the websites greatest asset.


If we go into the directory itself ,we have each category listed and we have added extra categories not promoted on the homepage. The full directory of 500 plus products has been alphabetically listed. Once the category is chosen we then go into the specific product.


If we go to Apricots Australian, as an example obviously we have a beautiful image which is nice but we also have the nuts and bolts, the meat, or content of the website is what google loves to crawl and index. Essentially this is all original content that you will not find anywhere on the internet it is useful and easy to find and this is why this site is a fantastic example of well structured content that is ranked high on its merit. If you have good content and you structure it with users in mind then half of your SEO is done for you.



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