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How You Can Use Your Online Community To Improve Your SEO

It is easy to view online communities as just another way to increase your search engine rankings, but when done successfully, an online community can provide so much more for your business, and not just now, but also long-term into the future.

By employing the correct methods and SEO techniques, you have the ability to build strong relationships with people, which will pay off in the future. While it may not be the case when you first start your online community, over time these people that you are communicating and sharing information with will become brand advocates, content sharers, link builders and more. After all, there is only so much a brand can do before it has to rely on its fans to spread the word.

Combining your SEO and your online community efforts together means that not only can you provide more for your community, but so can they for you. Once they begin to know and love your brand, they’ll not only search for it directly, but also spread the information through to other parts of the Internet, areas that you may not have considered, knew existed, or had access to previously.

Also, by utilising the correct SEO research and strategies, you can target the right type of audience for your business, which will help fuel this process far more quickly. If you find the right people for your online community, then you can speak directly to them, encouraging them to communicate and interact back.

So while we know that online communities are an important way to improve our SEO, and not just through link building, how can we best interact with our online fans to ensure that this is a guarantee?

Provide shareable information
Only upload information that you think will be interesting, beneficial or entertaining for those within your online community. And by understanding what your users want, it is first important to make sure that you’re targeting the right people, who will generally be enthused by the products or services that you’re selling.

Furthermore, don’t allow limitations to make it hard to find content that people will want to share. Even something very bland can be seen in a different way to its competitors if it’s presented in a new and entertaining way. Always ask yourself why someone would want to share what you’ve provided, and what they would achieve through sharing it

Make it easily embeddable
No matter how great your material is online, or how much your fans may love it, if they can’t share it easily, then they won’t. People give up pretty quickly if they think something is too hard, and they don’t necessarily have to do it. So if you’re sharing a photo, video or article, include the embedding code, making it very simple for anyone else who wants to share it.

Make it easy to share
Once again, this seems a little too simple for someone to make a mistake on, but never make assumptions. If you’ve employed a web developer or designer, make sure that they remember to consider those who aren’t as skilled as they may be. Create uniformity across your website and online community, so that anyone who wants to share your information can do so easily, and without any confusion.

Make sure they’re sharing your content the way that you want it to be shared
Thanks to the numerous different social media websites, forums, pages and blogs that are out there on the Internet, it’s easy to see how something could get lost, reconfigured or changed in a way that you hadn’t planned. It may be that a page isn’t shared properly through Twitter, or a photo looks different when it comes up in a person’s newsfeed on Facebook. Whatever it is, if there’s a specific way that you believe the content needs to be shared, then make sure that it can only be shared in that one way. Although you may be focusing on your specific online community, and the social media site that it’s on, consider the wide array of options that your users may also use, and accommodate as necessary.

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