Prince Welcome 2 Australia Tour – Social Media Campaign Summary

Prince Welcome 2 Australia Tour – Social Media Campaign Summary

In May this year, Prince returned to Australia for the first time since his 2003 World Tour. Visiting Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Prince’s Welcome 2 Australia tour gathered a lot of attention through its social media campaign and digital marketing campaign as a whole, organised and run by Focus Search

In the space of three months, and in the lead-up to the tour itself, Focus Search created a Facebook page that made over ten thousand fans, who contributed to the page with ‘stories’ more than seven thousand times.

A well-organised and engaging social media campaign means more people can be informed about the event, and the Welcome2Australia Facebook page had 377 000 views.

So what can we gather from all this social data?

Well firstly, the most engaging and prevalent fan demographic was 35 – 44 year old females. In fact out of all 10,1o0 fans 60% of them were females. Would you say this could have been predicted? In this campaign it is also evident that those willing to spread the word were also primarily female. From all the ­stories and comments made on either posts or messages, 1.2 k were made by women and considerably less than half of that where men at 454 stories. The majority of these women were based in the Asia Pacific which makes sense considering the tour was in Australia. So from the social media data we have found out a lot about prince’s fan base which not only helps the promoters but also the many service providers that can tailor their services accordingly. This is the beauty of social media.



Thanks to the following for facilitating with such a successful campaign:

Five Creative, web development & design

a-live, event management

Van Egmond Group, Tour Management


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