SEO For Beginners, Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

SEO For Beginners, Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

I didn’t have any success with my PPC campaign, why would I with SEO?

Unlike PPC campaigns, search engine optimisation isn’t a form of paid advertising, but instead deals with the ‘organic listings’ organic meaning through Google’s ranking system not through purely a monetary one. We work on your website, customizing content and keywords, to make it more user-friendly and increase its rankings in these organic listings on Google and other search engines. By using SEO successfully, we can help attract more users to your website, not through a conveniently paid ad, but rather through relevant and credible reasons. Relevant referring to up to date and appropriate content and credible referring to outside sources sharing your content through links and social media.

What are organic listings?

When you search for something in Google, two things will appear. The PPC campaigns, or paid ads, which are most often highlighted in yellow and down the right hand side of the listings and those beneath them, these are the organic listings. Unlike ads, these cannot be paid for, but rather are ranked according to user-friendly content, and what is contained within the website. By using SEO, we directly target these organic listings to help increase your website’s traffic and overall revenue.

Why is a high-ranked organic listing more beneficial than an ad, since the Google ad will always be ranked up the top?

Statistics show that 80 percent of users click on an organic listing before they click on a PPC campaign; users are more likely to trust a website that didn’t pay money to be ranked. Furthermore, websites that use PPC campaigns get charged every time someone clicks onto their ad, whether or not it leads to a conversion.  Organic listings are free of charge, as they are based on what is included within your website.

What if my website contains things that aren’t often searched for? Is it still necessary to use SEO?

Definitely. Whether your website is selling something popular or something obscure, it is important to increase its rankings. Statistics show that less than 6 percent of users click onto the second page of Google, and with more than 9 million people actively using the internet for purchases, someone will always be looking for what you sell, so you want to be sure to make the first page.

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