SEO Melbourne Podcast #11 Google’s December 2020 Core Update

In this podcast, Daphne discusses the December 2020 Core Update and what you can do to ensure your SEO performance is positively impacted by the update. For more information on Google’s Core Updates and the content checklist mentioned in the video click here .

Several of the steps you can take to prepare for December’s 2020 Core Update are the following:

  1. Delivering valuable content that meets users’ expectations on the search topic and answers questions on what they wish to find through their search queries
  2. Producing content that covers the searched topic in detail and delivers information that is not surface-level or duplicate from other websites on the internet
  3. Ensuring that the page title, h1 tags, h2 tags, and respective metadata meets searchers’ expectations of what they wish to find on a certain page
  4. Focusing on creating content that is worth sharing with other users is key as Google utilises backlinks as a measure of how ‘shareable’ your content is
  5. Having good grammar, spelling, and readability for your content

Prior to publishing any content on your site, follow this content checklist:

Melbourne SEO Google Core Update

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