SEO Melbourne’s Account Director Gives Us His Top 3 SEO Tips



Girish Salwani, SEO Melbourne‘s Account Director talks to YBF ventures about three of his most important SEO elements. Elements that set the foundation to our custom built and digitally ethical strategies.

SEO Agency Girish Salwani SEO Tips 2018


Girish what are your top 3 seo tips for 2018?

You need to think about what you’re going to contribute to the internet. Because at the end of the day, gone are the days when one can have a website that’s like a business card with just a couple of pages. You need to show Google that you are a credible source of information in order to rank. So you need to think about what kind of content strategy you’re going to implement on your website. What are you going to contribute to the internet regularly? And that is ideally what will help you rank.

What is another SEO tip Girish?

Another very important aspect of SEO is categorising your website in the best possible way. Loads of websites are uncategorised they don’t have their services and products in the right place. This can obviously be detrimental to search.

Final SEO Tip For Us Girish? 

Tracking data because there is no point building anything when you don’t know what’s happening or where you’re traffic is coming from, so constantly monitoring what is occurring onsite is very important. The more data you have , the more SEO inferences you make in the long run. Because it’s very important to understand that businesses are seasonal in many cases and you need to know when people are going to be searching for your product or service the most in order to make informed decisions about whether you should have promotions or discounts on your goods or services. So, track, use google analytics or webmaster tools. There are many SEO tools out there that will help you track whats going on with your website. So i think thats very, very important.


  1. Contribute to the internet
  2. Categorise your website
  3. Track your traffic 



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