1/2 SEO Tips Website Redesign, Tips To Remember When Redesigning Your Website For SEO


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SEO Tips Website Redesign, Tips To Remember When Redesigning Your Website For SEO

When you are redesigning your website, whether you have used search engine optimisation techniques before or not, it is vitally important to take them into consideration before you go live with your new site.

Take note of the key data and metrics you will use to determine whether your new website is a success, or if you need to change certain aspects. Are you getting more page views? Do you have a higher conversion rate? These need to be compared pre redesign and post redesign.

Always remember that one of the most important things about a website is its accessibility. It doesn’t matter how pretty your website looks if it’s hard to use. Users won’t be happy and neither will search engines like Google; they rate usability over looks.

It is critical that you preserve the search engine listings that your website already has; you don’t want to put in the time and effort of redesigning your website, only to have your ranking drop. Determine what files search engines have indexed; often these are the files which have links pointing to them from other websites. If other websites have links to specific pages on your site, try to do everything (within reason) to keep these pages on your new website.

Whether or not you have used SEO techniques before, it pays to keep them in mind when redesigning your website. Not only is this easier for everybody involved, but it can save you substantial costs and allow the website to generate revenue as soon as its up and running.

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