The Best Way To Link Build, Who Should I Link With? How To Link With Other Websites?


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The Best Way To Link Build, Who Should I Link With? How To Link With Other Websites?

As Google continually updates its algorithms to profit user-friendly websites, the importance of linking is becoming more relevant, particularly with the latest Penguin Update. However, it is important to remember that linking should benefit your website and its users, so take care when you decide who you wish to link with.

Before you start trading links with other websites, make sure that your own website contains high quality content that will be beneficial for online users. The best way to attract the attention of great websites is to have a great website yourself, and this starts with good content.

Make sure that your website includes relevant, up-to-date and valuable information for your visitors. Not only is this good from a search engine optimisation perspective, but it encourages other websites to link with your site.

It is important to remember that while you can continually contact high-quality websites if your own website is not user-friendly then other websites may not want to link with you.

What websites should I link with?

Do not pick the first available or the easiest websites to link with. While it may be tempting to link with spam or poor-quality websites, it will only decrease your website’s rankings on search engines like Google. Furthermore, it may frustrate or irritate your users, which can only damage your site’s reputation.

Choose websites that are relevant to what your website is promoting or selling. For example, if you’re selling swimwear, trying linking to websites that promote beaches, or sell hates, sunglasses etc. When Google crawls through your links, it can determine how compatible they are to your own website’s subject material.

The fastest and most reliable way to find good-quality websites is to search in website directories on Bing or Yahoo. Use a few specific keywords fitting for your own site to find other websites that are similar.

Linking with websites that have been listed in directories is beneficial for two important reasons. Firstly, competition to get into directories is high, so only the very best websites make the cut. Secondly, as they are already listed, search engines can readily find these links, allowing your website to be crawled more frequently, which will, in turn, increase your rankings faster.

How to get in contact with other websites:

Firstly, make sure that your own website is up to standards, and is ‘link worthy’ before you start contacting other businesses.

Once you are happy with the state of your website, create a list of websites that you wish to link with, which you have found on a search engine directory.

Then, send each of these websites a personalised email. Remember, that good-quality websites will have many other sites vying for their linking, so many sure you individualise each email to each specific website. This will be far more effective than a standard mass email, and ideally, you will stand out from the rest.

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