Two Things You Should Never Do On Social Media. How To Handle Trolls & Competitors On Social Media


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Two Things You Should Never Do On Social Media. How To Handle Trolls & Competitors On Social Media

Things You Should Never Do On Social Media

There are many positive aspects of social media, and when utilised correctly they can become an online community for your business, filled with brand advocates and positive fans.

However, sometimes things don’t always run smoothly on social networking sites, no matter what sort of damage control you may use. Just ask us, SEO Melbourne ran the recent Prince Tour Facebook page.

Don’t let trolls bully you

The term troll in this capacity describes Internet spammers, or people whose entire purpose online is to wreak havoc and confusion.

If you are a small business, there are two aspects of trolls that you should be wary of. The first is that they will always take the opportunity to hinder your business. The second is that they are deliberately antagonistic, so giving into their arguments will only cause a fight.

While this is something that you should always try to monitor by keeping an eye out for anything that seems out of the ordinary, you can also update your software that helps keep away trolls, although this is never 100% foolproof.

[Screen flow: Examples of trolling]

Don’t criticise your competitors

Basically, insulting or making fun of your competitors on social media is very likely to backfire.

Not only will you be drawing attention to your competitors, obviously a very big no-no, but also you may come across as childish, bitter or even just plain mean. Remember, this is a social media site for your business, so focus on promoting the positive aspects of your brand.

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