Utilising Local SEO, Sails On The Bay Melbourne SEO As An Example


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Ways To Improve Your Local SEO

While major businesses may not necessarily need to focus on their local sales as much as their overall conversion rates, for smaller businesses, this is of vital importance. At SEO Company Melbourne we have many Melbourne-based businesses looking at improving both their local SEO and Google Business Listings.


Include your location within your title tag

It seems very straightforward, but including the location of your store or business can make all the difference.  More frequently than not, when people are looking for something specific, they don’t want to go far, and so they will include their location.


So how do you implement this?  Go into your home page and hover your mouse over the browser tab.  And always remember that Google reads left to right, so include your location before your business name, as people are more likely to know location over the specific name of your business.


Double-check and optimise your map listings

As more of us become dependent on Google Maps every day, it is becoming more important to not only ensure that your map listing is correct, but also that it has been optimised.


Statistics has shown that one of the most clicked-on features is the map feature, which is why it is so important that it is optimised, correct and easy to find online for any potential customers who are trying to find out more about your business.


How To Utilise Local SEO Sails On The Bay


Sails on the bay, an upmarket restaurant in Melbourne, is a great example of a business that have utilised local SEO to the best of their abilities.


As we can see on their CONTACT page, they’ve got a massive map and large arrow clearly showing where they are going – as well as a link to Google Maps that can directly show you directions on how to get there.


If we scroll down, we can also see that they have the necessary information in one spot; address, contact details, and an email address both for standard dining and special occasions – definitely a distinct above many other websites.


Lastly, as you can see on the right, they have an easy-to-use form that a person can fill out immediately, which not only makes it quick and simple for them to make a booking, but it also ensures that they won’t lose interest and end up looking elsewhere.


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