What Is A Remarketing Campaign? How Do You Set Up Remarketing? Why Use Remarketing?


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What Is A Remarketing Campaign? How Do You Set Up Remarketing & Why Use Remarketing?

Remarketing is an online tool used by marketers to re-establish a connection with customers that they may otherwise have lost. This can be done using techniques, strategies and automated emails to follow up website visitors.

So why should you use remarketing for your website? Re-marketing has the ability to increase your conversion rates in three ways; it delivers messages to past visitors or lost prospects once they leave your website; it builds and keep focus on a specific brand, and; it can be useful when a website is promoting discounts, incentives or specials on their products.

So when should remarketing be used? While re-marketing can be used at any time on the Internet, it is most successful when a customer has; abandoned their shopping car, or not converted; converted (and you want to increase their sales), or they have signed up for an email or newsletter service.


There are three basic steps you should take when initially setting up your remarketing campaign:

1) Choose your audience. This can be achieved through Google AdWords. Which pages from your site you choose to target with your campaign can also determine this.

2) Select a code to put on your site (for either one, or many, of your web pages). You can take advantage of different codes depending on which users you are intending to target. For example, one code may be for the whole website-which targets all of your site visitors.  Or, a code may be created specifically for your conversion page, therefore targeting only those users who have converted.

3) Create an ad group.  An ad group is a set of keywords, ads and bids that you can centre your campaign around.  Currently, Google has two ways of showing your ad groups; across all pages, or only in places you’ve specified. By determining certain pages that will run your ad, you can help define who will be looking at your ads.

What type of ads should I use?

Try to use image or video ads where possible, for three main reasons:

1) They quickly grab viewers’ attention

2) They are easy to understand, and not a great deal of time or energy is needed on the user’s behalf to understand the message

3) Image or video ads with good content will be competently recognised as being part of your website

However, not all content sites can support image or video ads, so text ads should be used in these circumstances. Text ads can also be used when shoppers need to be reminded of items that are still in their shopping basket, or if there is a discount available.

What is the difference between marketing and re-marketing? Often people believe that marketing and re-marketing are the same, but it is important to understand the differences, as they play very different roles in generating revenue and awareness for your website.

Traditional marketing identifies who are the visitors and customers of your website, and what it is they positively react to. Furthermore, marketing generates awareness to consumers who may not know your website or product exists.

Re-marketing however, is a reaction tool, and is used when customers have communicated in some way, whether positive or negative. Unlike marketing, re-marketing already has certain information about their customers, which they can use. For example, remarketing can determine if customers; like a certain product or category; have trouble with certain aspects of your website; are loyal to your brand, or; whether they are no longer reacting to your website’s emails.

The important thing about remarketing is the consumer who you are marketing to have already been established, so instead you can focus on the ‘what’. What is it that they are interested in? What products are they buying?

Re-marketing is an online tool that allows you to better understand your clients, while generating awareness for your website and your brand.

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