What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation? Google Analytics

 What is conversion rate optimisation?


Conversion rate is a percentage given to the total amount of visits divided by the number of goals achieved. So to put it simply the conversion rate is the percentage of people that came to your site who actually achieved your pre defined goal.

conversion rate table

There are three types of goals, URL destination goal (ie: thank you for purchasing), time on site goals and pages per visit goals.


It has to be said that one of the most ignored and misunderstood website metrics is conversion rate and the process of conversion rate optimisation. This is mainly due to ignorance and business owners being focused purely on volume. Also there is great deal of uncertainty around content and its direct correlation with conversion rate.


The simple formula:




So what is a good conversion rate?


Anything above 9/10 % is a great figure to aim for, however the most common conversion rate is between 1 and 5%.


How do you improve your conversion rate? watch the next series of videos for specific and detailed hints and tips on improving your conversion rate.




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