What is Integrated Marketing? SEO Melbourne TV Explains

What is Integrated Marketing? SEO Melbourne TV Explains

What is integrated marketing, and why should you be using it for your business’s SEO strategy? Integrated marketing is the strategy and implementation of combining different marketing activities. In short, integrated marketing is a combination of all different forms of marketing that you may be employing, so that there is more consistency. The purpose is to complement and reinforce each different type of marketing with another, creating a more effective overall marketing strategy.

As more and more technologies become available to us, so too does our dependence on them grow. And while we may only be starting to realise this now, this dependence provides limitless opportunities for brands and companies. While 50 years ago, marketing and advertising was limited to print and television, the evolution of the Internet, and the role it plays in people’s everyday lives, has given us the opportunity to explore and change how we market and advertise to our target audience. In short, we have the ability to market across television, print, digital and social, and two of these hardly existed less than ten years ago.

So what does it mean for marketing? While brands have the opportunity to use these media platforms in anyway that they deem necessary, history has shown that the most effective strategies have been those that have implemented integrated marketing strategies. Which does not necessarily mean using the same tagline for each different platform.

Instead, integrated marketing means employing a form of communication that has a consistent identity from message to message, and medium to medium, even if that means changing the tagline, actors or colour palette.

Integrated marketing can be an incredibly difficult endeavour to undertake, as it involves not only the identification of a powerful, yet simply, strategy, but also the ability to use it into every aspect of the marketing efforts; from SEO to social media, print advertisements to radio, customer services to sales. However, if you have the time, money and resources to undertake an integrated marketing campaign, then the results will make it worthwhile.

[Screen flow: http://garethcase.com/the-fully-integrated-marketing-campaign This is an example of an infograph of an integrated marketing campaign]

So what are the benefits of integrated marketing? Overall, when pulled off successfully, integrated marketing creates uniformity and discipline across all mediums. While the rise of social and digital media has provided new opportunities for businesses, many fail to utilise them correctly, or create them simply ‘for the sake of it’. An integrated marketing campaign allows you to have focus with your message, so that each platform you use is chosen with a specific purpose in mind.

Furthermore, the combination of a single strategy across multiple platforms has a more powerful and lasting message in a consumer’s mind. We’re more likely to remember a brand or business that we’ve seen across multiple platforms, rather than the same series of advertisements played time and time again on our television.

Lastly, a successful integration marketing strategy gives direction not only to your marketing efforts, but also to your brand and business overall. By embarking on an integrated campaign, you are given the ultimatum of deciding what your brand is, what it hopes to achieve, and how you will go about achieving so. Although this seems very basic, many companies and brands continue to fail to have a single purpose, which can confuse and alienate potential customers.

Overall, integrated marketing is a new form of communication, both on and offline. By taking the steps to creating an integrated campaign, your business and brand will have the ability to create not only a powerful strategy and message, but also a business plan that can continue to be implemented into the future.

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