Pros and Cons of using WordPress as a CMS

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WordPress is currently the most widely used Content Management System in the world and is currently powering 34% of all websites on the internet! So? What are its benefits and where does it fall short?

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Australia loves to use WordPress, with every region being dominated by WordPress CMS backed websites.  

Why WordPress is better for SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is paramount for the visibility of your website. WordPress has countless plugins designed for SEO purposes. The use of meta tags and descriptions can be a hard concept to master, however, WordPress elegantly eases the process with plugins that teach you as you go, showing you ways to improve. 

WordPress ensures that all content is easily indexed by Google bots. This is done by setting up categories and tags. This lets you sort your content neatly. Using SEO friendly URLs and HTML tags. You can get the most out of your keywords by using them in the titles and subtitles which are seen to be very important in determining where a website will rank on the search engine results page. 

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What kind of business would benefit from WordPress for CMS?

Almost any business. Big businesses like Vogue, Sony Music, BBC America, Mercedes-Benz International, The Walt Disney Company and many more are all built on WordPress. Large e-commerce businesses sometimes are restricted by WordPress and opt to building their own website to maintain complete flexibility. However, this does not mean that WordPress is not easily scalable or customisable with plenty of options to completely mould a WordPress site exactly as required.

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Pros of WordPress as a CMS?

Content Management System

CMS on WordPress is by far the biggest advantage over other services as navigation is made so seamless. Perfect for those of any web development skill level. From a beginner, who has no web development experience, to an expert coder, there are plenty of options for all skill levels. You can always add to the complexity as you go. 

Search Engine Optimisation

The WordPress plugins are intended for ease of use and SEO reasons. With the Meta tags and descriptions, some individuals have a difficult time. WordPress facilitates the understanding and use of these tags. When it comes to optimisation, it is also an outstanding teacher. It will assist to clarify the best words and sentences for search engine use. Optimising a website will increase the level of organic traffic which will enable more users to discover the great content that can be found on your website.

eCommerce Compatibility

Millions of people now buy stuff online. This presents a number of potential investment opportunities for online entrepreneurs into eCommerce market development. Many proprietors of eCommerce sites use WordPress. Establishing an online shopping stream can bring revenue into a business and minimise effort for users browsing your site. The CMS offers a number of plug-ins like WooCommerc, BigCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress & Shopify to ensure that your website is e-commerce-efficient.

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On WordPress, the construction, development and maintenance of your blog or website are considerably cheaper than recruiting a web developer from to construct your website from scratch. Free to install, WordPress is included with very economical 1-click hosting plans. Thanks to reliable CMSs such as WordPress, owning your very own website today has never been cheaper!

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Choice of Professional Themes

Premium themes on WordPress are available for very modest prices. There are numerous large companies using WordPress who have website designs that are sleek and visually stunning. These professional site themes should be one of the convincing reasons for using the WordPress platform. Take a look at the thousands of themes available on WordPress here.

Mobile Integration

Internet surfing is mostly carried out with mobile devices, this makes it essential for your website to be as responsive and as user-friendly as possible when visited by a user on a mobile device. The models and topics offered by WordPress are extremely mobile friendly and responsive. Using the leading CMS in the industry, you can automatically take advantage of emerging internet technology without having to build a fresh website as new technology emerges. WordPress themes are designed to be compatible with mobile phones, changing its appearance when on a computer, tablet or mobile. This will mean users will have a great website experience with any device they decide to use to browse your site.


With minimal code, WordPress is coded with PHP. This enables you to load your website fast. The best practice is to also use lazy loading and compressed images.

Security & Reliability

With increasing threats to cyber safety, all websites face obstacles to safety. You can use WordPress safety plugins and updates to make sure your site stays hack-proof with the excellent web design and growth abilities or a little professional assist. For the WordPress CMS, updates are always rolled out. So the security is very strong.

Security is much better than on traditional sites on a WordPress site.

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Blogs, Forum & Podcast Friendly

Apart from blogging, WordPress has progressed to other levels. However, blogging remains central to the program. If blogging is the main way you can earn money and talk to people, you must soon embark on WordPress if you haven’t already done so. It will be a great help to you. Overall, the CMS blogging platform WordPress is more competitive in comparison with other alternatives. It is free and extremely simple to use, making it the ideal choice for many bloggers and website owners. You can install a WordPress plugin to convert a forum on your WordPress website. To build a WordPress forum, I suggest using bbPress.


Plugins are the biggest advantage to WordPress, allowing you to do some really complex tasks seamlessly and save you hours. However, its both a blessing and a curse. The updates will be continuous. WordPress provides usually minimal assistance for maintenance. Most users depend for viable alternatives on online forums. To know which recommendations to follow, a reasonable amount of internet expertise is required. Additionally, customization requires knowledge coding. Be willing to update at least a few times a month your core WordPress files, plugins or topics. If you run into issues, you might have to roll WordPress back to a prior state. 

Easy Integration for Marketing & Socials

 The provision of regular, new content is crucial for people involved in online marketing. WordPress lets you update your content as much as necessary. Just the endless amount of resource available is a huge advantage. If you can update your website content regularly, it is simple to create credibility in your niche. In addition, in minutes you can create a fresh WordPress site to make complete use of tactical campaigns.

Cons of WordPress as a CMS?


WordPress is an open-source platform which depends highly on customization plugins and topics. The plugins and topics are created by various individuals and businesses and because no one is able to monitor the plugins, bugs or malicious code lines can be found readily. In addition, WordPress is today the most common content management system, as mentioned above. This alone makes WordPress a primary target for hackers all over the world.

Learning Curve

It is easy to access, but certain previous knowledge helps. The best thing is that you are somewhat fluent in internet and marketing growth. You don’t have to be an expert, but certain expertise will assist. Unless you are aware of this, it might be a little more difficult to navigate WordPress.

Complex-Web based Applications

The more complex the web-applications may require extensive coding knowledge. However, there is plenty of support from the existing frameworks. 

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Hosting Prices

Depending on the type of content you’re hosting, the prices may vary. However, for simple text and image-based websites, WordPress is ideal.

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