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Affordable Furniture – E-Commerce Case Study

November 2023


Conversion Increase Since SEO Campaign Start


Percentage of Yearly Increase in Conversions
Affordable Furniture - E-Commerce Case Study with SEO Agency Melbourne
Affordable Furniture
Services Provided:
Furniture Retail, Living Wares

A purveyor of quality designs for a timeless interior with reliable, tasteful furniture and living ware, Affordable Furniture is New Zealand’s locus for contemporary home products at an accessible price point.

The team at SEO Melbourne took to a content-driven strategy, with a prioritised look into the service propositions that have made Affordable Furniture’s brand stand tall among its market of competitors, highlighting its capacity to curate refined silhouettes and a sense for design that fit the mood of the modern decade. With this brand value at its core, an approach into increasing overall site traffic and dominance in keyword relevance was focused throughout the team’s strategy implementation, re-orienting the site’s SEO profile to achieve organic growth in a healthy way. Let’s explore some of our key metrics below…


Total Sales Increases:

As a derivative effect of our SEO efforts, gross sales for the site have also seen healthy uptakes in total buy-ins to the brand’s offerings:

Affordable Furniture - Total Sale Increases Monthly Affordable Furniture - Increases to Online Store Session with SEO Company Melbourne

  • Month to month, an 87% increase in total gross sales can be seen to be recorded here
  • Online store sessions, proportionate to this, has seen a healthy growth of 11%

As a caveat – seasonality should take considered regard in our increases here, as we see user behaviour trend toward the recreational and material, in a holiday period with an onus toward gift-giving, decoration and celebration. This being said, however, improvements within our engagements here have seen yearly upticks as well, speaking to an improvement in the quality of relationship here:

November - Total Sales Year to Year SEO Company Melbourne - Online Store Sessions By Yearly Seasonality

  • From a year to year comparison of November, in this case, we’ve seen a total increase on top of our seasonal influx of conversions, recording a 123% increase
  • Online store sessions, proportional to these purchases, has seen a higher growth of 24%


 High Quality Consumer Lifecycle:

When we consider consumer ties to the Affordable Furniture ecosystem of products, user engagement and acquisition into the site’s economy of audience members have seen strong increases within the past month, spanning site-wide buy-ins to the brand:

SEO Agency Melbourne - Driving Stronger Consumer Lifecycles with Affordable Furniture

Site increases, as can be seen in the table above, within the past month have recorded significant increases across a variety of key e-commerce metrics. These increases are delineated as progressive stages in the consumer lifecycle, highlighting deepening rapports between brand and audience from all levels of initial interest, research and, of course, eventual conversion.

Key increases include:

  • Items viewed with a 15.18% rise at the research and browsing phase.
  • Items added to cart as a bid for conversion by 15.43%.
  • Items purchased, as the ultimate signifier of validation in brand value and conversion, saw a near double 92.59% increase
  • Revenue generated from these sales, following this, saw an increase of 29.01%.


Keyword Increases:

Keywords exist within the field of SEO as a fundamental factor against which relevance to topical matter, alignment with user search interests and anchoring of authority determines, being a key piece of criteria that forms an integral part of Google’s final evaluation of rank value. In accompaniment with our content implementation strategy, Affordable Furniture has seen milestone wins across a selection of our keyword profile, with noteworthy shifts including:

  • A variety of our keyword focuses claiming the top rank:
    • ‘Cheap couches’ placing at rank 1
    • ‘bedside tables christchurch’ increasing to rank 1
    • ‘bar stools christchurch’ increasing to rank 1


Final Thoughts – Affordable Furniture Case Study

It’s been an interesting campaign so far – we’re excited to see how far Affordable Furniture continues to go! Bounded by a fundamental respect for white-hat regulations and best practices, SEO Melbourne focuses on exploring novel approaches to site structure and online hygiene based on ethical rules – contact us today for a consultation on how we can boost your online visibility!

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