Core Web Vitals SEOMelbourne

Core Web Vitals: How Businesses Can Get Ready For The New Algorithm Update

Google’s algorithms are paying a lot of attention to on-page experience. With the new set of ‘page experience’ signals, Google Core Web Vitals set to roll out in May 2021, this is what these new rankings mean for your website’s ranking success. What are Google Core Web Vitals and why are they important for SEO? […]

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Digital Marketing Events in Melbourne 2021 | SEO Melbourne

As a digital marketer, it is of great importance to have your finger on the pulse of all the new SEO marketing trends and technologies. Attending digital marketing events in Melbourne, and online, is a great way to network, tell others about your business and to gain knowledge on how to utilise digital and SEO […]

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Medicinal CBD oil treatment natural medicine

Lack of Search Volume Data in Natural Medicine Space Limits Digital Marketing

Companies and content creators in the cbd oil industry in Australia will have to work around additional setbacks when strategising for digital marketing campaigns. With Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recently approving the pharmaceutical sale of low dose cannabidiol (CBD) oil over-the-counter, Australia will see an increase in demand for alternative therapeutic products. However, medicinal companies […]

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Adapt Your Ecommerce Strategy for Instagram Shop

Instagram is not the simple photo sharing app it had intended to be in its 2010 start-up days. With over a decade of constant, competitive evolution: from functionality updates, platform redesigns and a Facebook acquisition, the social networking site has become an industry leader not just in the market of social content, but, naturally for […]

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Schema Markups That Can Lead To Higher Click-Through Rates

Schema markups are a type of microdata that assists Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo! to structure the data of the websites into simpler categories and present the contents more comprehensively on the SERPs. The result of the SERP is the rich snippet that has been identified from the content of the query put […]

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AI-powered content marketing_SEO Melbourne

AI-powered content marketing for higher rankings

If you’ve never thought too much about artificial intelligence (AI) beyond the 2001 Steven Spielberg movie, perhaps it’s time to.  As the online world becomes more saturated with information, it is increasingly harder for companies to compete and outperform each other. This is in addition to the shifting consumer needs and trends that dictate the […]

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featured image_SERPs across browsers_SEO Melbourne

SERPs across browsers: Using Google and understanding why browsers display SERPs differently

How many times have we caught ourselves deciding to ‘Just Google it!’. Well, personally, all the time for a lot of things. Google does seem to know it all. We are not just referring to how Google can give us information on almost every topic out there or help us buy basically anything we want. […]

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Video transcript SEO Melbourne

Google has begun utilising Youtube video transcripts for SEO

Video transcripts and SEO Video transcripts are a textual and linguistic representation of the content within a video and a simple way of creating captions for your Youtube videos. Search engines have been able to quickly digest this body of text for some time and now video transcripts are now being used as a featured […]

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Core Web Vitals SEO Melbourne

Core Web Vitals: Google’s New Ranking Signal

Insights into Google’s new Core Web Vitals ranking signal Google recently announced changes to its search ranking system with the introduction of Core Web Vitals as a ranking signal. Below, we analyse the new additions to ranking criteria and take a look at a case study to explore what this change mean for your website. […]

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SEO Melbourne Digital Marketing Courses

Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

It’s no secret that a large part of digital marketing, particularly in the field of SEO, is hardly taught across Australian universities. A degree in Media Communications or Journalism often presents students with a more philosophical perspective, such as debating the existence of Internet addiction or discussing Habermas’ public sphere. Yet, when it comes to […]

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