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The Complete SEO Guide for Website Migration

In this ever-evolving world of technology, website has become the most common and important touchpoint for any business. With the unpredictable and rapid technological advancements, the adaptability of a business’s website becomes a critical factor for its growth. Site Migration is a way of adapting to the changes, which refers to the substantial alterations within […]

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Amazon SEO SEO Company Melbourne

How to Effectively Optimize Your Products for Amazon

Amazon: The Largest E-Commerce Search Engine As the world has grown increasingly digital and online shopping has become more commonplace than ever, it’s hard to ignore the power of the online retail giant known as Amazon. However, many businesses are concerned with improving SEO on Google but aren’t very well-versed in SEO on Amazon. In […]

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Clickbait image SEO Melbourne Companies

Why Clickbait Is Bad For SEO & Brand Authority

As promised in the title, this blog post will explore why clickbait occurs, how is bad for your SEO and brand authority and what Google is doing about it. So rest assured, you haven’t been clickbaited.   What are clickbait headlines and why do people use them? Clickbait headlines are overpromising and controversial statements which use […]

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Search Console SEO Melbourne

Google’s Page Speed Report: Limitations & Potential for SEO

Recently, Google introduced Page Speed Report, the latest addition to Search Console. The highly anticipated update was first uncovered in February 2019. Beta testing pursued for several months, leading to the current, publicly accessible version. The update is designed to enhance user experience by increasing the efficiency and speed of websites.  The report allows users […]

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BERT Update Article SEO Melbourne

How Google Update BERT is Affecting SEO and What You Can Do About It

Recently, Google introduced BERT, a new update to its search algorithm. According to Google, this update will affect 10% of all English language queries in the United States. An expansion of this update will take place gradually across different countries, although Google has not decided upon a fixed timeline. Regarded as Google’s most important update […]

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Google September Update Melbourne Search Engine Optimisation

September 2019 Changes To The Google Algorithm

A video published by Google Webmasters today outlines the major changes made in the Google Search algorithm, meta tags, Google Search Console, no follow and more. New ways to control how Google Search displays your listings through meta tags and HTML attributes.  Meta tags: Using  “max-snippet:[number]” you can now set a maximum text-length of the […]

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JavaScript Melbourne SEO Company

JavaScript SEO & Site Crawlability

Everything you need to know about Googlebot’s changes to JavaScript SEO 2019. What is it? How important is it?  You want to learn ‘how rocks form’, so you open your encyclopedia – but where do you look?  The index of course! Search engines “crawl” the internet and make copies of websites to create their own […]

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Microphone SEO Melbourne

SEO Podcast: The New Online Trend

As market competitiveness increases and businesses are constantly aiming for new ways to optimise their content for SEO, there has been a shift from traditional content types such as text, into more engaging mediums such as video and more recently long form content such as podcasts. Text content, despite the changing landscape of digital marketing, […]

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WebP SEO Melbourne

Using The WebP Image Format to Speed Up Your Website

You might’ve heard of WebP images. Or maybe not. But either way, the WebP image format is here to stay, especially now that browsers like Microsoft Edge and Firefox have come on board and are supporting it. SEO Melbourne explores what this means. WebP is among the “next generation” of image formats that include the […]

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Short URL Search Engine Optimisation Melbourne

Why is a Short URL a Necessity For eCommerce Website-Categories?

How does Google differentiate between a long and short URL in eCommerce categories? Google essentially uses its multitude of tools to input websites into a hierarchy. Often websites implementing a short URL into their eCommerce categories are ranking nearer to the top. Leaving websites with longer or less comprehendible URLs at the bottom. Google wants […]

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