Australian Universities Teaching SEO

Why SEO Is Hardly Taught In Australian Universities & What Courses Are On Offer

  You graduate your marketing course at uni, start working in the industry and all of a sudden you get hit with a huge part of digital marketing that you know little to nothing about – SEO. Despite the years you dedicated to the vicious cycle of groan-worthy group assignments and coffee-induced long nights of […]

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SEO Company Melbourne Podcast Agency

9 SEO Podcasts For Those Bored With Blogs But Still Want To Learn

  Keeping up with the news in the SEO and digital marketing world can be difficult, with changes happening constantly across platforms, including social media and google. It can be hard to be on top of it with limited time in the day, so why not take advantage of podcasts, you can learn while traveling, […]

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Company SEO In Melbourne Rick Roll Google Webmaster Tools Hacked

Google Webmaster Tools Hacked – Google Crawl To Rick Roll

What is going on? Now webmaster tools has been hacked. “Recrawl Now” highlighted in the above image is an outbound pointing link to Rick Anstley – Never Gonna Give Up music clip.   After the facebook and Cambridge Analytica data breach we are now seeing a hack of Google’s new webmaster tools platform. It’s currently […]

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SEO Agency Melbourne, SEO Squarespace Vs Wordpress

SEO: Squarespace Vs WordPress [Best SEO Practices 2018]

Here at SEO Melbourne, we get a lot of clients coming to us asking us about the differences between Squarespace and WordPress when it comes to SEO. Squarespace and other drag and drop website builders like Wix and Weebly are popular with business owners because they make it easy for almost anyone to create a […]

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SEO Melbourne - Small business SEO

Small Business SEO – How SEO Can Help Grow Your Business

So you own a small business but you’re struggling to increase traffic to your site. You’re next door neighbours son mentions SEO and how it can improve your traffic but you’re not really sure what it is or how it can work for you. This beginners guide to SEO for small business is designed to […]

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SEO Melbourne Hyperlocal Search

Hyperlocal Search: How To Conquer This 2018 SEO Trend

Ah, 2018. One month in, and it’s already brought upon us the elusive super blue blood moon – a.k.a the talk of the town. Well, not just one specific town… People all over the world are still yapping on about it. Speaking of specifics, 2018 is also the year that hyperlocal search results will take […]

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SEO Blockchain & An Open Protocol For All SEO Melbourne

SEO, Blockchain & An Open Protocol For All

    Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto, Alt Coins, Dogecoin, Cardona,  Steemit  etc.. etc… If all this internet talk is getting a little too much for you, we hear you. To say the internet is in raptures over cryptocurrency, would be an understatement. Without getting too deep and hyperbolic, isn’t it great to have a potential revolution at […]

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Melbourne SEO EMDs (Exact Match Domains) Bias Vs Ethical Brand Building Practices

EMDs (Exact Match Domains) Bias Vs Ethical Brand Building Practices

EMD Bias vs Ethical Brand Building Practices Introduction to Exact Match Domains Exact Match Domains have always been a topic of hot debate among SEO circles. This is because they work very well, especially for local listings. Businesses will often list their branches under different website URLs just to increase their visibility by having EMDs.  […]

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Digital PR SEO Company Melbourne

How To Use Digital Public Relations To Benefit Your SEO Strategy

Is it possible to use online PR to improve your SEO rankings and online relationships at the same time? The development of PR The internet has changed the way marketers perform Public Relations. Traditional PR would normally include print marketing, broadcast distribution via TV or radio, press release distribution to large news corporations, hosting high […]

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Melbourne Company SEO Why Online Reviews Improve Rankings

How to Use Google Reviews to Turbo Boost Your Rankings

The importance of maintaining a good online reputation is important for all businesses. Not only does it provide social proof, it could be the difference between a customer deciding to do business with you or going with a local competitor down the road. Did you know that 91% of consumers read online reviews when searching […]

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