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SEO Melbourne’s PPC management & advertising services are successful for one main reason: Experience. Collectively as a SEO & PPC agency, we have over 25 years of experience in managing PPC campaigns for numerous clients across different industries, audiences, and pay per click budgets. With our professional understanding and experience in the competitive environment of digital marketing, we can make sure you aren’t wasting your budget on keywords that aren’t performing. We utilise artificial intelligence from your website and campaign data to make cost-effective decisions. SEO Melbourne is here to help you make decisions that will increase your revenue and decrease any wasted or inefficient expenditure.



PPC Services Melbourne

SEO Melbourne’s pay per click (PPC) services are at the forefront of Paid Digital Advertising. When implementing any Paid Digital Advertising, we pay important attention to our customers’ goals and ensure that we work together to form a results-driven partnership. Like any digital strategy SEO Melbourne puts forward, we are morally and ethically bound to be totally transparent and involve you in the process. PPC advertising is a highly targeted form of paid online traffic to your website. SEO Melbourne will develop and implement a goal focused PPC campaign to ensure that your Products and Services will be seen by the right people at the right time.  Our focus is to construct targeted, relevant and cost effective advertising campaigns that benefit you, our client. Google Ad features are always changing, so here at SEO Melbourne, we pride ourselves for being at the forefront of these changes. We are quick to adapt and ready to implement any changes that will have a positive effect on our clients’ PPC campaigns.


SEO Melbourne will take the time to get to know your business, in order to create a PPC campaign that’s tailored and managed to your unique needs and goals. Here are some of the tools we can use to maximise your campaign:

Conversion Rate Optimisation

SEO Melbourne’s approach is to deliver you potential customers and sales, so we not only focus on bringing you traffic to your site, but also to increasing your conversion rate.  By continually testing and analysing your PPC management campaign and website data, SEO Melbourne will work with you towards maximising the ROI on your PPC advertising budget. To do this, we can implement goal tracking on your website and use the latest technology phone call tracking to closely monitor what is converting in your campaign. Which device, what time and what day are all factors that are analysed to ensure that SEO Melbourne is delivering as many potential customers and sales towards your company.

Google Shopping Ads

Product PPC listing ads can drive direct sales to your website. If your site offers e-commerce, SEO Melbourne can implement a Google Shopping Campaign and take advantage of the users that are searching for your products. Product listing ads contain greater detail and images of your products, and are more visible and attractive to Google users.


Remarketing is a powerful way to engage users on your site because it allows you to start displaying a variety of ads to your site visitors when they go on to other internet pages. It is a highly effective tool to use when people are researching products and services, ensuring that your brand remains at the front of their mind when making purchasing decisions. By creating lists based on user behaviour on your site, you are able to target your message to these users based on the content they were interested in on your own website. There are quite a few different ad formats that can be used with remarketing:

  1. Dynamic Product Ads
  2. Related Content Display Ads
  3. Targeted Message Display Ads
  4. Targeted Text Ads

Display Ads

Whether it is for a direct response or for branding, the use of display ads is a great way to get your business and its products or services out to your target market. Matching your ads to related industry websites, demographics, interests and apps allows your message to get in front of a large relevant audience that have genuine interest in your products or services. Display ads come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to advertise your messages in a more visual approach, rather than how traditional PPC text ads would allow you to do.

Video Advertising

Videos on the internet are becoming popularised, so why not jump on the PPC video advertising bandwagon? There are many different formats that businesses can take advantage of. From using existing television commercials, custom video advertising, to text banners on related video content, SEO Melbourne can tailor a video advertising program for your business.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has very quickly become one of the most popular internet sites, making it a great avenue to advertise your business.  SEO Melbourne can work with you to deliver a highly targeted Facebook advertising campaign. Specific target audiences can be strategically selected in order to have your message in front of the right people at the right time.

Case Studies

ANL Containers

SEO Melbourne helped ANL Containers increase its organic traffic sessions by 225.82% since in April 2017.

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SEO Melbourne Podcast

We contribute to the SEO industry in Melbourne by creating a series of SEO podcasts. SEO Melbourne's podcasts series are on a range ofdigital marketing topics. We feature thought leaders and digital marketing success stories as well as SEO tips and help.