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Hera Bathware – E-Commerce Case Study

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Hera Bathware Case Study - SEO Agency Melbourne
Hera Bathware
Services Provided:
Modern Bathware, Bathroom Amenities with Contemporary Design

Placed on the front foot of contemporary design with a focus on accessibility, Hera Bathware is an Australia-wide boutique offering amenities and accessories for the needs of the modern bathroom. The team at SEO Agency Melbourne looked toward cleaning up Hera’s online hygiene and presence on the web, rather than alter the way users perceive the value the brand offers.

Already a strong purveyor of bathwares with a sense for tasteful curation prior to our onboarding, Hera Bathware’s position was one with great consolidation in the Australian market, having a nation-wide reach on users with a keen sense for well-composed interiors, but at a price point that didn’t compromise on quality.

Taken into consideration, aspects like site structure, metadata across pages, and fundamental best practices in content implementation were focused on. The results included sky-high returns on their investment that have since made their work work for them  – let’s take a deeper look into some of these details below…


Increased Ecommerce Performance and Retainment

Increases to ecommerce performance - SEO Company Melbourne

Though already a well-established brand in the homewares and bath interiors market, our provisions for changes to the client’s overall SEO signalling across key product pages have seen a near vertical strengthening in site visits, bolstering end-revenue and sales.

  • Online store sessions, in this case, can be seen to have increased by a sizeable 85%.
  • Out of this traffic volume, total orders have seen a 7% increase, and a consequent 5% increase in total sales.


Increases Across Our Keywords – SEO Agency Melbourne

With only a few months of site changes with the team’s inventive SEO strategy, milestone ranking placements were achieved on the results pages, with a selection of our ranks being the most sought after positions when acquiring SERP real estate.

In this case, some of our key wins here include:

  • ‘timber vanity’ increasing to rank 2
  • ‘freestanding vanity’ increasing to rank 2
  • ‘timber bathroom vanity’ increasing t0 rank 2
  • ‘bathroom mirror with lights’ increasing to rank 2
  • bathtubs for sale’ increasing to rank 2


Site Traffic and E-Commerce Increases

Hera Bathware - 3 Month User Engagement Increase with SEO Agency Melbourne SEO Agency Melbourne - Hera Bathware E-Commerce Increase

Part of our focus has been on creating a more fulfilling, ergonomic browsing experience – and the results, across metrics of new users, their engaged sessions, event count and revenue increase, have seen an entire uplift in garnered traffic, as a signpost for how our robust SEO strategies have naturally driven user engagement that hugely saves on alternative costs.

  • We’ve seen a total user increase by 89.63%, nearly doubling their incoming traffic.
  • Their average engagement time per session, by proportion, have boosted by 295.12%. Narrowed to organic channels, this accounts for an even higher increase of 426.83%, as a large proportion of the site’s most quality-delivering interactions and conversions.
  • Total event count within these sessions have witnessed a surge by 48.18% – spotlighting a strong increase in user interest in the site’s content, and overall stronger relationship with the brand’s audience.
  • Total revenue for the period of implementation – up till November 2023, that is – saw an upswing of 9.88%, with SEO efforts seeing revenue increases in organic channels increase by a near double 84.66%.


Top Query Increases

Incoming queries to the site have experienced sharp increases in average position over the course of the campaign almost entirely across the board – with some of our strongest improvements including:

  • ‘led shaving cabinet’ increasing by 70.1%
  • ‘hera bathroom’ increasing in rank by 35.53%
  • ‘laundry cabinets’ trending among the foremost SERPs, previously being completely unranked.
  • ‘led bathroom mirror’ increasing by 29.92%
  • ‘timber vanity’ increasing by 33.63%


Key Takeaways – SEO Agency Melbourne

The results so far have been incredibly encouraging, as we look to continue bringing Hera Bathware’s value position into new heights. Making sure that clients with great solutions to offer the world reach those who resonate the most is our mission here at SEO Agency Melbourne – reach out today to kickstart your SEO presence, and ensure that your brand messaging is reaching the right people!


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