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We contribute to our digital marketing community, we have created a series of SEO educational videos and a podcast series on a range ofdigital marketing topics. We feature thought leaders and digital marketing success stories.

Our SEO Melbourne services are at the forefront of strategic SEO optimisation for businesses in both Melbourne and Sydney. As a credible Melbourne SEO company that has been around for over 10 years, we understand that it takes hard work, smart research and ethically creative SEO strategies to gain an edge over competition. We perform our Search Engine Optimisation Services from Melbourne but have clients from all over Australia and the globe. We are heavily goal orientated and results driven, but are also a morally and ethically bound Melbourne SEO company.We aim to provide transparent SEO optimisation that is clean by nature and ethics. Our optimisation services are driven by results and it shows. Simply take a look at our own search engine ranking for “SEO”, “SEO Melbourne” & “SEO Company Melbourne”, and you’ll find that we are often number #1. We are excited for you to experience firsthand why we are highly rated and recommended by our existing clients and how we can work with you to maintain long-standing optimization relationships.

Our Strategic Approach

To understand SEO Melbourne’s services and our strategic approach, a little bit of history is in order. SEO Melbourne is not your typical SEO agency. Why is that? Well, we take a completely different approach to SEO and have done so from day one.

Five to ten years ago, you could fill a page with keywords and buy a number of backlinks to get your site to rank (Thanks to Matt Cuts, that won’t do the trick anymore. This is commonly referred to today as black and grey hat SEO). SEO Melbourne never applied any of these “lazy” tactics. As a result, our clients were not punished by the subsequent algorithm changes that have affected many businesses in Melbourne, were in fact rewarded. Cue the famous angry penguin.

Melbourne SEO Services

It flexed its biceps and essentially delisted any low quality websites that adopted spamming SEO techniques. Let’s just say the angry penguin had its way, making the internet and the SEO services industry a far better place.

The Key To Our Success

Where does this leave us? We’ve got a better understanding of ways to rank your website, applying strategies that are both ethically and morally bound. In a nutshell, all our search engine optimisation Melbourne services are white hat and are bound to result in you outranking your competitors. We have the results to back it up too! Here are just a few of our best practice SEO results.

We understand both sides of the fence and love to provide tailored SEO Melbourne services & strategies that impress our clients, the end user and Google. SEO Melbourne’s services combine SEO strategies and digital creative disciplines. It is this unique combination that makes us successful with Melbourne businesses and their SEO rankings. It takes strategy and a creative forethought to successfully lead your industry amongst the search engine result pages and within the digital realm as a whole. There are many agencies that provide SEO services in Melbourne, and most of them do not provide the creative solutions to ranking problems.
However, SEO Melbourne prides itself on being the agency that can solve ranking problems for our clients. We are recently responsible for increasing a large e-commerce companies’ online revenue by over 600% in a highly competitive space and global fitness leader Life Fitness Australia’s website traffic by 430%. Here are some examples of many businesses that we have successfully helped to improve not just their SEO but all aspects of their site and as a result revenue. Here are further details of the campaigns’ traffic and revenue and our SEO services that helped them achieve better ranking results.

Case Studies


SEO Melbourne helped HealthScope rank #1 for 26 keywords and Top 3 for 46 keywords. Read on for our HealthScope Case Study.

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ANL Containers

SEO Melbourne helped ANL Containers increase its organic traffic sessions by 399.85% since in April 2017.

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Linen House

SEO Melbourne rendered a 600% and growing increase in our client's revenue and a 131% increase in organic traffic. Read on about the Linen House SEO Campaign Case Study.

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Life Fitness

SEO Melbourne helped Life Fitness increase their organic traffic sessions by over 258% since 2018. Read on for more of the Life Fitness Case Study.

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Counselling Service Melbourne

Since the inception of this SEO campaign we have increased organic search traffic by 729 percent. Learn more.

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Are You Selling?

SEO Melbourne was engaged to create and implement a content strategy for our client 'Are You Selling'. We then created numerous amounts of vibrant and share-worthy SEO content to fall in line with this copywriting strategy.

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Bali Villa Escapes

#1 for Bali Villas, SEO Melbourne created strategic SEO copywriting for Bali Villa Escapes, including this post about health food cafes in Seminyak, one of the most popular areas in Bali for tourists and potential customers.

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SEO Melbourne worked hard to obtain the number #1 ranking for soundproofing Australia wide. Read on for more of the MegaSorber Case Study.

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Greens List Barristers

This is a video testimonial by our client, Greens List Barristers, who was pleased with the services provided by SEO Melbourne.

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Mechanic Desk

SEO Melbourne helped to increase the client’s organic traffic sessions by 2473% in just eleven months. Read on! Mechanic Desk case study within.

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More SEO Case Studies

What makes SEO Melbourne stand out from the competition is our process which applies strategies that are both ethically and morally bound. We apply white hat SEO strategies and provide services that allow our clients to exceed their competitors. Black hat SEO techniques may result in short term success, it will eventually damage the credibility of a site and could possibly have you banned from Google. These types of techniques prioritise rankings and traffic instead of making a quality product or service for its users.

Traditional link building is essentially the method of acquiring links from other websites to your own. Whether or not link building is actually worth doing has been a debate for years as Google’s many algorithms have placed varying importance on it. However, after all the debate, links are still the top-ranking factor for Google’s algorithm with content coming in second. Google uses approximately 200 ranking factors when ranking a website, a few of these specifically refer to link building. It is important to note that simply buying backlinks to your website is what many agencies out there consider as traditional link building, but that’s something you should be careful about as if you do not have control over your link profile you will end up receiving many spammy backlinks, which will end up penalising your website in the long run. You should only acquire links from credible websites or through online PR. These include but are not limited to, the number of linking pages, number of linking root domains and the authority of the linking pages.

The packages that are provided are tailored options based on the client’s needs by estimating how much time needs to be spent. There are various factors that may affect the amount of time required for a client. These include but are not limited to, whether they require a lot of content strategy or none at all and how competitive the space we are attempting to gain exposure from is. An example of a tailor-made package is one we provided for a client, Ecoliv, a company dedicated to sustainable buildings and significantly reducing household energy requirements. We have ensured to keep all their content and strategies relevant and appropriate for the type of company they are.

A coherent and well-built website can help your website rank higher on google search engines. If SEO strategies get implemented during the website building or design phase, it makes the process way easier later on. A well-structured website that has an ideal user experience optimization like the page loading speed, navigation, dynamic content etc helps your website rank higher.
Of course, if you have already built your website, you can still implement great SEO strategies However, you will need to spend a bit on website development

Generally speaking, a minimum of 3-4 months is required to run an SEO Campaign. However, at SEO Melbourne, we’ve set a minimum of 6 months because SEO is a developmental process that takes time and patience. You will start seeing some tangible results in 3 months but we go the extra mile

Looking at how competitive today’s Market is, makes SEO implementation essential. Millions of users search out topics on search engines every day. Your company could benefit from that because through SEO you’ll be provided with traffic from search engines.
However, how will users find you if your Google rankings are not in the top page results?
Not only does SEO improve your search engine rankings but it also improves your website’s user experience which usually drives in more sales.

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Some of SEO Melbourne’s services and well-known achievements include managing digital marketing for the Prince Welcome 2 Australia Tour. This tour consisted of 8 show dates in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Whilst this is probably the most recognisable campaign, we get as much satisfaction from this as we do from working with small businesses. Contact us for a SEO service quote today!