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Xtreme Ice Baths – SEO Case Study

3 Month Snapshot Comparison


Organic User Increase


Total Impressions
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Xtreme Ice Baths
Services Provided:
Cold Exposure, At-Home Ice Baths

A frontline advocate for cold exposure therapy and the benefits it provides for the plunger, Xtreme Ice Baths provides all essential items you’d need to get your at-home cold plunge set up!
As a nation-wide provider, Xtreme Ice Baths initially approached the team at SEO Agency Melbourne to bring the entire bandwidth of their market outreach into new heights, previously only having a website with a thin amount of content, and little information to engage prospective users on the character of their products.

We strategised on a content-backed campaign and drove its implementation via web development – and after only 5 months, a fundamentally different site can now be seen, with exponential increases across their user engagement figures and and total SERP performance. Let’s explore some of these metrics below:

High Revenue Increase:

Total revenue increases with our strategy from SEO Agency Melbourne

Taken on from web development to full-fledged site launch, a sheer increase in user buy-ins and conversions to the brand has shown throughout the course of the campaign. Taken from the ground-up, we’ve managed to bring in a core consumer base to Xtreme Ice Baths, despite its infancy in an already well-established market.

  • Gross sales have seen a total 477% increase within our 3 month period.
  • Total sales have recorded a 452% increase.
  • Net sales, similarly, have also seen a 452% increase.

High Organic Traffic Increase

SEO Agency Melbourne - Xtreme Ice Bath's 3 Month Traffic Increase

Taking a more granular look into our strategy implementation, the fundamental groundworks of best practices and goal-focused SEO changes across a variety of target pages appear here, with sharp returns on investment. Focused here as a 3-month period of comparison, our advised changes to the site have expanded its outreach in both scope and depth – driving a strong increase in total traffic, as well as quality engagement:

  • Organic user increase between the two periods of time here have starkly raised by 488.84%, within a total user increase of 124.79%.
  • Their number of organic sessions, taken into proportion, account for a similarly vast increase of 339.72% within a total 108.37% increase.
  • Engaged sessions, as a measurement of user encounters with the site with a greater dwell and engagement time, have increased to accommodate a 361.05% increase – pointing to a more positive propensity to buy-in to the brand’s resources and narrative, and as a result convert.

High Traffic SERP Performance with SEO Agency Melbourne

3 Month Increase in SERP Performance - SEO Agency Melbourne

As the integrity of the site saw internal consolidation the more blog content came to populate its webpages, its profile of reliability and factors of expertise also grew in proportion, highlighting stronger signals of trustworthiness – and as a result, its capacity for discoverability on the SERPs has seen a sharp increase.

  • Total clicks have increased by a staggering 541.51%
  • Total impressions, in parallel, have increased by an even greater 880.87%
  • Average position of the site, as an aggregate of its relevant ranking across trending keywords, saw a sizeable rise by 45.59%

Final Thoughts – SEO Agency Melbourne

Seeing the game-changing returns for our client has made the Xtreme Ice Baths campaign an incredibly rewarding experience – we hope to continue delivering their brand message to those it resonates with the most, as we connect businesses more closely to their audience in an organic, valuable way.

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