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Sydney Tall Ships – Content Writing Case Study

SERP Seasonal Performance - Australia Day


Click Increases


Impression Increases
Sydney Tall Ships Logo - SEO Agency Melbourne Case Study
Sydney Harbour Tall Ships
Services Provided:
Tourism, Tall Ship Cruises

Based in close proximity to Campbell’s Cove, Sydney Tall Ships offers cruises and tours aboard their titular array of tall ships by the crown jewel of Sydney’s cultural landmark. Providing a historical perspective aboard ships that continue to carry the esteem and aesthetic of the previous century, the family-owned business lends a maritime flavour for those wanting to explore more of Sydney’s coastal attractions, whether tourist or local.

Sought to formalise the brand’s online presence, SEO Agency Melbourne took to Sydney Tall Ship’s digital profile with an ongoing, content-centric strategy as the primary basis to its campaign, built primarily to address the seasonal nature of the business’ appeal. Since familiarising with the needs and interests of its target audience, we’ve seen traffic-high returns based on a delivery of well-timed, opportune pieces of content – let’s explore for more below.


Year-Long Traffic Highs – SERP Performance

Our approach to content strategy leveraged the importance of seasonality in the known services offered by the brand – this meant a need to understand events, festivities, and cultural instances that orbited the Sydney Tall Ships brand, and what users would find attractive. The  eminent arrival of the Australia Day celebrations in late January gave the team at SEO Agency Melbourne clear reason to cover the brand’s offerings for the day, and with strong returns:

Sydney Tall Ships - SERP Traffic Increases with SEO Agency Melbourne

Placed in the context of typical traffic you’d be likely to expect throughout the month, here we’re able to see the relative inflation of site traffic that can occur with the right capitalisation of seasonal interest and its relevant traffic.

  • In this case, a click influx of around 866.66% was seen around the advent of the public holiday.
  • Impressions saw a similar upswing of metrics, witnessing an increase of roughly 504.4% where taking seasonal highs and pre-season averages into consideration.

Tailoring of content to suit the needs of your brand at a given moment in time, in this case, forms the backbone of the campaign’s content strategy, putting emphasis on understanding when users desire particular values from the brand, and addressing the phases of user interest out of this demand.

Key Takeaways – SEO Agency Melbourne

Though evergreen content is often lauded for its independent appeal irrespective of the time it belongs in – seasonality speaks to a fundamental understanding of the mood of interest, and the lifespan of particular moments in culture or society. Maintaining a balance of both forms of content, here, drives a baseline strategy with the capability of meeting varying user archetypes in your market segment.

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