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Increased Organic Traffic By 294%


Are You Selling Case Study - SEO Copywriting - SEO Melbourne

SEO Melbourne is engaged to create and implement a content and SEO strategy to perform and help facilitate a successful SEO service. Internally we had a couple of brainstorming sessions and derived a content strategy based on two main factors: location and scenic drives. We then created numerous amounts of vibrant and share-worthy SEO content to fall in line with this copywriting strategy. It sat really nicely into our overall SEO strategy derived from our robust implementation document. 

Here are some examples of SEO Copywriting implemented for Are You Selling:

  1. The Great Alpine Road Journey Part 1
  2. One-day, One-way from Melbourne City
  3. Sydney Destination Drives : Under One Hour From CBD

Since we started our SEO campaign we have as evidenced below increased organic traffic by 294%. For a site that routinely gets in the thousands per month in user sessions this is a significant value add. This is a significant increase in users and subsequent conversions and has helped the company grow significantly. We have as a result helped SEO consult for Are You Selling’s  move into Bike’s, Caravans and Trucks.

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Are You Selling Case Study - Organic Traffic Growth - SEO Melbourne

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SEO Melbourne - Are You Selling Case Study - Webmaster Tools Report


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