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Bali Villa Escapes

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Bali Villa Escapes
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Accommodation rentals, holiday bookings

Bali Villa Escapes – SEO Case Study

Bali Villa Escapes is a premiere holiday and travel agent based out in Surrey Hills, Sydney, with a handle on your accommodation rentals for your time out on the warm beaches of Bali.

Initially approaching the team at SEO Melbourne for the purposes of capturing conversions as a functi0n of the site’s form submissions, we’ve since centralised their overall brand focus on their most valuable market segments, optimising the number of users able to glean the most value out of their resources by capitalising on a dispersion of keyword focus throughout both page-level and blog-level content.


Keyword Rankings

Since the beginning of their campaign, Bali Villa Escapes has strengthened the majority of its select keywords as a consolidation of its grasp on its location-based market share.

Among these, as of June:

  • ‘Bali Villas’ ranks at #2
  • ‘Villas in Bali’ ranks at #4
  • ‘Canggu Bali Villas’ ranks at #3
  • ‘Bali villas Seminyak’ ranks at #1
  • ‘Family villas Bali’ ranks at #2
  • ‘Villas in Seminyak’ ranks at #2

Website Traffic

Bali Villa Escapes - User Engagement Site Traffic Data with SEO Company Melbourne

Within the span of 1 month alone, site traffic for Bali Villa Escapes – as a broad measurement for the more granular metrics used to understand the brand’s user engagement – witnessed strong increases among the number of users discovering the site, along with their proportionate engagement with the site’s listed assets of blog content and product listings:

  • Total number of organic users increased from by 32.52%
  • Among these users, the number of new users accessing the site increased by 33.92%
  • Their relevant number of total overall sessions increased by 36.16%

Page-View Data

Just as their site’s overall number of visiting users have increased during the recent length of their campaign, pageviews throughout the site mirror this latent influx of visitors who have hit the shores of the site’s blog content, services and broader trust pages.

SEO Company Melbourne - Top Pages with Bali Villa Escapes

Among these increases:

  • The Homepage tops the site’s most visited page asset, increasing by a sizeable 33.62%
  • /pharmacies-in-seminyak/, in addition to this, arrives as the page with the highest percentage increase at 41.85%

Content Writing

In parallel with the emergence of blog pages as list-topping user engagements, SEO Melbourne’s application of fundamental SEO principles from a content-driven perspective is key to our understanding of value delivery in the eyes of the consumer. Our blog about health food cafes in Seminyak, one of the most popular areas in Bali for tourists and potential customers, comes as a prime example – by nurturing niche understandings of the needs of the user, the resources the brand creates addresses those who can benefit the most in a relevant way. We attribute content to our SEO framework which we setup when we first start a campaign. It takes hard work, creative fore-thought and a strong optimisation strategy to devise a strong foundation for content to sit in.  

Here are some more examples of our SEO Content provided to Bali Villas.

  1. Health food cafes in Seminyak worth visiting
  2. Seminyak Yoga Studios
  3. Where to Stay in Bali: A guide for First-Timers


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