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Tripled Bali Villa’s number of clicks, increased their impressions and ranking positions #1 bali villas & #1 for bali villa deals.

SEO Melbourne has dramatically improved Bali Villa’s keyword rankings and their organic clicks. We have tripled their organic clicks from 379 to 1001 clicks in just one month. Our SEO services directly resulted in a tripling of their organic traffic thus far.

We also helped to increase their impressions from 12,729 in December to 20,723 by end-Feb. This means we have increased their overall exposure to Google’s SERPS and thus increased their clicks.

Also, they are ranking #1 for ‘bali villa deals’, ‘bali villa escapes’ and ‘what to do in bali when it rains’. We have helped them rank in the Top 3 for ‘bali villas’, ‘seminyak villas’, ‘bali villa’, ‘bali villas seminyak’ and ‘villas in seminyak’. Then, in the Top 10 for ‘villas in bali’ and ‘bali wedding packages’. Through our strong keyword research strategies, thorough SEO optimisation service and SEO copywriting we have helped them rank more than 10 keywords in the Top 10, increasing their visibility on the top half of the SERPs.

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SEO Melbourne created search engine optimised content for Bali Villa Escapes, including this blog about health food cafes in Seminyak, one of the most popular areas in Bali for tourists and potential customers. We attribute content to our SEO framework which we setup when we first start a campaign. It takes hard work, creative for-though and strong optimisation strategy to devise a strong foundation for content to sit in. We did this here and we are now seeing the SEO results. 

Here are some more examples of our SEO Content provided to Bali Villas.

  1. Health food cafes in Seminyak worth visiting
  2. Seminyak Yoga Studios

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