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LaterStory - SEO Case Study
Services Provided:
Wedding Photography - Pre-Wedding, Wedding and Post-Wedding Services

LaterStory – SEO Melbourne Case Study

Storytellers in capturing your most cherished memories, LaterStory is a wedding photography service with an eye for moments with a behind-the-scenes feel, without losing out on the magic of your special day.

Working alongside the team at SEO Melbourne, we managed to implement an SEO campaign seeking to address the client’s traffic and enagagement needs across their site pages. Let’s dive a little deeper!


Yearly Seasonality

With a campaign circling around a month in length, compelling results were made when comparing user engagement metrics on a month versus month, side by side comparison. In this instance, the below figures were recorded when comparing May 2022’s status against May 2023:

LaterStory - May Seasonality with SEO Company Melbourne

Increases in organic measurements, the channel most deeply associated with the gains in search optimisation, list across almost entirely across the board. The most notable of these changes include:

  • Total number of organic users, throughout May 2022, showcased an increase of 110% by May 2023
  • Among these organic users, an increase of 128.12% was recorded
  • Proportional to this difference in monthly users, monthly sessions for the site have also recorded an increase by 116.67%
  • The raw number of pageviews, in accordance, have also risen by 85.24%


Pageviews Since Campaign Start

These changes in seasonality offer a snapshot into the holistic lift in SEO profile initially projected in SEO Melbourne’s designated campaign, carried forward through the implementation of a content-based strategy. We believe the key in delivering value, in other words, lies in the brand’s ability to public content that resonates most with the users who find it the most valuable.

LaterStory - Pageviews Since Campaign Start with SEO Agency Melbourne

By strengthening key SEO signals via a page-level optimisation of site-wide content and web-blog content, our focus has been on raising the interactable resources on LaterStory’s site with a strong tie in to the value able to be created on the user end.

To this end, we’ve seen:

  • An increase in pageviews by 84.47% throughout the entirety of the campaign’s duration
  • An increase of 11.27% in average time spent per page also exists, in silo with a net increase in consumable web content.
  • In reflection of this, overall bounce rate has also witnessed a healthy decrease from 47.9% to 43.79%, bolstering traffic spread throughout the site.


Top Pages Since Campaign Start

LaterStory - Top Pages Since Campaign Start with SEO Agency Melbourne

Conglomerating our metric increases from a user engagement perspective, funneling this activity within the site’s most visited pages comes as a measurement of traffic dispersion into the rest of the site’s main pages.

Among these pages:

  • The Homepage tops the list, increasing by 89.3%
  • /photo-gallery/ is also of considerable note, increasing by 1,427.5%


With an appropriate delivery of value to those who’s needs match their clients best, our work with LaterStory has been a promsing indication of their grasp on their target market – and we look forward to how they progress in the future.
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