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ROJO Light Therapy AUS – Campaign Case Study

3 Month Periods of Comparison


Organic User Acquisition


Total Click Increase
ROJO Light Therapy - Case Study by SEO Company Melbourne
ROJO Light Therapy AUS
Services Provided:
Supplier of Red Light Therapy devices.

An international provider of red light therapy devices, Rojo Light Therapy AUS is a newcomer to the LED-treatment market with a distinctive ethos; a passion and fundamental belief in the benefits of its titular product, and is a reason as to why the brand has so explosively expanded beyond its native Australian market. Taken by its potential for worldwide appeal, the team at SEO Company Melbourne saw to an SEO strategy that would bring the Rojo name to a more consistent presence in the market.

After a month of page-level element changes across the Rojo site, and the equivalent of 3 months worth of a content strategy implementation, user acquisition has since elevated the brand to double the capacity it otherwise wouldn’t have without a strong SEO profile. Let’s take a closer look at some of these metrics.


Site Traffic – User Acquisition

Doubled Site Traffic with SEO Company Melbourne

Incoming User Traffic Channel Mix, as influenced by SEO Company Melbourne

As we can see, though overall metrics already posit high increases, SEO fundamentally concerns itself with organic traffic – discovery of a site or webpage by organic searching, in other words, without prompting via paid advertisement or otherwise. In this case, taken as a 3-month comparison:

  • Organic user acquisition saw a 108.08% increase.
  • Organic sessions, as a measurement of actual engagement from these users, saw a similar 107.18% increase.

Among all channels, we’re able to see that acquisition by organic means is by far the strongest contribution – we’ve doubled the brand’s user base at an infinitely greater return on investment, in comparison to generating these users via paid adwords over an extended period of time.


SERP Performance – Insights from SEO Company Melbourne

SEO Company Melbourne - High SERP Traffic For Rojo Light Therapy

The brand’s performance within the search results pages reveals acknowledgement from not just the user-end – but also the search engine’s. In this case, raw outreach increase in both clicks and impressions relies on Google’s suggestion of the brand as a valuable search result. Although specific figures can’t be seen in the image above, improvements in engagement here have tied the brand’s presence in the SERPs close to the needs of its resonating users:

  • Total clicks have surged by 135.3%
  • Total impressions, precursor to these, similarly increased by 143.28%


Final Thoughts

As the brand inevitably grows, we’re determined to bring the Rojo brand to a digital presence that reaches those who resonate with its services the most – for more on our SEO strategies and how we can lend our expertise, contact us today!

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